Ohio Mom Serves 10 Days In Jail, Loses Job/Future, Gets Felony For Trying To Get Off Democrat Plantation


The Democrat Party and NEA (teachers union) via public schools try their hardest to keep blacks on the Democrat Plantation. And when they try to escape,  Democrats make an example of them. And Al Sharpton comes running to the rescue throwing money around while ignoring the root cause.

The punishment did NOT fit the crime.

Heritage Foundation:

This Wednesday morning at 10 am, after serving nine days of a 10-day sentence, Kelley Williams-Bolar was released from the Summit County Jail in Akron, Ohio. Her crime? Trying to provide her two daughters with a better education. How on earth did trying to provide your children with a better education become a crime in the United States? Because the political party that currently occupies the White House is completely dependent on the power of education unions, and these unions see all efforts to shift power away from them, and to parents like Williams-Bolar, as a threat to their very existence. The case of Williams-Bolar is a perfect opportunity for the left to stop and reconsider their war on school choice.

Before January 15, Williams-Bolar had no criminal record. She lived in an Akron housing project with her two daughters, worked as a teaching assistant at Buchtel High School, and was going to college to further her own education career. Like any parent, Williams-Bolar wanted to give her children the best education possible. But the grade 6 reading and math scores of students in the Akron City School District are almost 30 points lower than those in neighboring Copley-Fairlawn City School District. While Ohio does allow school choice intradistrict, Copley-Fairlawn does not offer open enrollment to children who live in the Akron City School District. Ohio also offers private-school-tuition scholarships to students in Cleveland, but that program is not available to children in Akron.

So starting in August 2006, Williams-Bolar signed forms claiming her two daughters lived at their father’s address in the Copley-Fairlawn School District. Two years later the Copley-Fairlawn School District hired a private investigator who shot video of Williams-Bolar driving her children from their home in the Akron City School District to a school in their district. “It does not matter if, when she started the lie in 2006, she didn’t know she was going to get caught,” Summit County prosecutor Michael Cody yelled in his closing argument.

While Williams-Bolar went to jail for practicing school choice, leaders of the Democratic Party practice it themselves every day. Growing up in Chicago, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan attended a private school. Later as Chicago Public Schools chief, Duncan maintained a list of requests from the politically connected for their children to attend the schools of their choice. In the 111th Congress, 44 percent of Senators and 36 percent of Representatives had at one time sent their children to private school.

Growing up in Hawaii, President Obama attended a private school. Growing up first in Chicago and now in Washington, Obama’s two daughters attended and still attend private schools. Questioned how he could possibly justify this in September, President Obama responded: “I’ll be very honest with you. Given my position, if I wanted to find a great public school for Malia and Sasha to be in, we could probably maneuver to do it. But the broader problem is: For a mom or a dad who are working hard but don’t have a bunch of connections, don’t have a choice in terms of where they live, they should be getting the same quality education as anybody else, and they don’t have that yet.”

So then why did President Obama take away such a choice for 216 children as one of his first acts as President? The District of Columbia Opportunity Scholarship Program (DCOSP) was passed by Congress in January 2004 and provides $7,500 scholarships to low-income D.C. school children. In the fall of 2008, 216 new low-income students were notified by the Department of Education that they had been selected to receive scholarships. Then at the behest of Obama’s education union allies, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan sent letters to the 216 families informing them that he was taking back the $7,500 in scholarship money that the DCOSP had previously awarded them. The Democratically controlled Congress later voted to phase the program out entirely. Mothers like Latasha Bennett were left scrambling to find good schools for their kids. The DCOSP has been a tremendous success. Students that used a scholarship to attend a private school have a 91 percent graduation rate compared to the less than half of children in D.C. public schools that graduate high school. READ MORE

Reported By Ohio.com:

Williams-Bolar, a single mother, works as a teaching assistant with children with special needs at Buchtel High School. At the trial, she testified that she wanted to become a teacher and is a senior at the University of Akron, only a few credit hours short of a teaching degree.

That won’t happen now, Cosgrove said.

”Because of the felony conviction, you will not be allowed to get your teaching degree under Ohio law as it stands today,” the judge said. ”The court’s taking into consideration that is also a punishment that you will have to serve.”

Damn shame.

Republicans support School Choice which would allow parents to choose their children’s schools, something Democrats object to.  I learned that Al Sharpton, Huffington Post and some other big libs are on Ms. Bolar’s side. I wonder if they will join Republicans’ call for School Choice?

Doubt it. But they will try to make her think it’s all a race issue and Republicans are bad.

Reported By Ohio.com:

The Akron chapter of the National Action Network, led by the Rev. Al Sharpton, was leading an effort on Facebook to raise money to enable Williams-Bolar to afford an appeal of her case. Donations were to be sent directly to her.

7,292 sign petition

A second Facebook petition seeking support for Williams-Bolar grew to 7,292 signatures in less than a day, petition leader Deborah Price of Washington, D.C., said.

”The ladies are so enraged,” she told the Beacon Journal in an interview Wednesday. ”All the women that have come online have related. It’s a living reality for parents.”

WKSU News Director M.L. Schultze discussed the case on NPR’s Talk of the Nation. Listeners can hear it via podcast at http://www.npr.org.

A Change.org web-based petition seeking to reduce William-Bolar’s sentence on appeal had collected almost 7,000 signatures by midafternoon.

”She has been robbed of the opportunity to elevate her life and the lives of her family through her own intelligence and hard work — the alleged ‘American Dream,’ ” the petition read in part.

An article on the Daily Kos website said the case had clear racial overtones — and not in a good way.

”If Ms. Williams and her children had been white would the school have gone to this trouble to expose them as supposed ‘criminals?’ ” MKA 193 wrote under the headline Parenting While Black: Ohio Woman Jailed for ‘Stealing an Education.

”I think that any fair-minded observer would have to say ‘no.’ ” READ MORE

I actually agree with the Daily Kos that this story has a racial element to it, but I believe it is more political. Don’t you dare try to get off the Democrat Plantation–They Own You–…..bought and paid for.


  • Whoa…”Democrat Plantation???” Apparently reality is questionable. This article truly blew me away with ignorance. Labels may be placed on issues, such as “School Choice”….and one can define that to benefit their hateful opinion. The truth is, both parties should be working together. You don’t understand why Democrats oppose school choice, so you draw a conclusion in haste. ALL schools should be equally funded & then we wouldn’t have to worry about sending our kids to other ones. The problem seems to lean toward the social class segregation, which is ultimately Republican driven. I’m not here to play the blame game…if you haven’t noticed, it is fruitless. The fact that this has been titled the “Democrat Plantation” & with the idea that those bad Democrats want to keep people down…especially those of minority is a bad joke. As a single mother I am very aware of who is looking out for who & what. This negativity is absurd.

  • You are a single mother democrat. You are telling me that if all schools were equally funded then we wouldn’t have to worry about sending our kids to other schools. That proves my point, bought and paid for….still living on the plantation. You think all we need is more redistribution of wealth. The government doesn’t just grow money, they steal it. I do understand why democrats oppose school choice, it’s because they oppose CHOICE, except when it comes to abortion. Democrats oppose liberty. So you keep voting democrat while they take our freedoms away, regulate & tax us to death, and micromanage every aspect of the economy. It’s amazing because people like you will vote the US into pure communism as long as the dictator had a (D) by its name.

  • The prosecutors could have spent their time and energy going after corporations for money that would provide a nice safe education for all children, but they did not. David Cay Johnston says that there is 2 TRILLION dollars tied up in unpaid corporate taxes. A book about tax avoidance and evasion states that there is 10-20 TRILLION in tax shelters, some of which is due to outright criminal activity that countries launder offshore. See: Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the men who stole the world | A book by Nicholas Shaxson http://bit.ly/h7O2Je

    Prosecuting these women and not those with far more power, money and criminal intent, is clearly meant to distract us from the incompetence of the criminal justice system.

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