Must Know Headlines 2.10.2011


Bombshell: Justice Department Only Selectively Complies
With Freedom Of Information Act

CPAC Release Of Explosive Pigford Undercover Audio Evidence

Obama’s Big Lie On Taxes

Obama To America: Get Lost–
Sweetheart Deal For Billionaire Could Cut Off GPS Service

Why Are We Still Debating
The Void, Unconstitutional Obamacare Law?

Tea Party Movement Launches New Magazine

Egyptian Journalist:
 “The US Will Be Transformed Into An Islamic Republic”


U.S. Transportation Secretary:
 I Told My Daughter To Buy Japanese Car

Michael Moore Sues For More Of
 What He Wants To Take Away From Us

What The Obama Administration’s Incompetence In Handling
The Egyptian Crisis Tells Our Allies — And Enemies

First Lady’s Office Holds ‘Listen Only’ And
‘Invitation Only’ Conference Calls For Reporters

White House Tells Reporters That
 Their Message on Egypt Has Been Consistent

Obama’s High Speed Rail & GE

Culture Of Corruption: Who’s Policing Amtrak
Joe Biden’s $53 Billion Rail Boondoggles?

Obama Seeks $53 Billion Taxpayer Dollars
 To Build High-Speed Rail Networks:
$$$$ Will Go To Obama’s Buddies Over At General Electric (GE)

High Speed Funding In President’s Budget
Means More Waste of Taxpayer Dollars

Democrat-Activist Media

‘US Weekly’ Publishes Fake Hannity/Palin Story…As Real!

The Recent Op-Ed In The New York Times
By Tariq Ramadan Is Full Of Lies

The New York Times Covers Up
For Its Favorite Muslim Brother (VIDEO) 

AOL/HuffPo Meet Corporate Greed

AOL Stock Sheds $315M — HuffPo Price Tag

CBS ‘Evening News’ Finally Covers
Planned Parenthood Sting, NBC And ABC Still Ignore

Major Media Miss:
Muslim Brotherhood’s Stated Goal Has Long Been ‘To Seize U.S.’

Planned Parenthood

Lila Rose: Planned Parenthood
Deceives In Sex Trafficking Video Response

House Appropriations Chairman GOP Rep. Hal Rogers Offers
New Spending Proposal That Strips
Planned Parenthood Of All Federal Funding

Stopping The Spin:
Top Six Planned Parenthood Deceptions

Muslim Brotherhood  

Muslim Brotherhood Handbook: “Prepare Yourself And Train
In The Art Of Warfare, And Embrace The Causes Of Power
…So That Your Jihad Will Be The One Accepted By Allah”

The Muslim Brotherhood – In Its Own Words


Freshmen To GOP Leadership:
We Were Serious About ‘Read The Bill’



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