Must Know Headlines 2.13.2011


Dearborn: Convert To Islam In Attempted
 Mosque Bombing Called Himself A Mujahid

 Andrew Breitbart On Pigford Lawsuit: ‘Bring It On’

Jurassic Unions Breathe Fire Against States

Chinese ‘Night Dragon’ Targeting Western Oil Companies

Allen West: America’s Survival Depends On Conservative Values

ILLEGAL Immigration

Illegal Alien Goes On Killing Spree In Virginia,
Was Ordered Deported Almost 10 Years Ago

Michelle Obama Urges Latino Community
To Pressure GOP To Back Immigration Bill

Hatch’s Bill Picks Up Administration’s
 Slack On Immigration Enforcement

Barack Hussein Obama

Radical Islam Will Be Result Of U.S. Push For Democracy,
Mubarak Told Israel’s Ben-Eliezer During Phone Call On Thursday

We’ve Just Watched Obama Commit An Act Of
Imperialistic Aggression Against A Peaceful Sovereign State

White House Takes Credit For Mubarak Exit

Pathetic:  Two Years Later – Obama Administration
Tells Iranian Regime To Allow Protests

Obama Refers To Himself As “The Gipper” In Farewell To Gibbs

Obama Equal Reagan? So Far, It Ain’t Even Close
Yet The Comparisons Continue

Democrat-Activist Media

The Radicalization Of AOL

Ed Asner Befuddled By The Tea Party:
‘I Don’t See What They Have To Complain About’ With Obama

ASNER: I haven’t the foggiest idea what they (Tea Party) stand for,
 and the more you watch President Obama,
I don’t see what they have to complain about.

ABC Relays Claims Obama & Dems Will ‘Protect’ GOP
From ‘Less Than Responsible’ Budget Cuts

Partisan Hack Bill Maher: ‘I Consider Lenin And Stalin Right-Wingers


Girl Scouts Back Away From Pledge Committing Scouts
To Lobby For Global Warming Legislation….For Now

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