Must Know Headlines 2.15.2011


FBI: 100 Percent Chance Of WMD Attack

GM–Government Motors–Giving Enormous
Taxpayer Money-Fueled Bonuses

Now’s The Time To Defund ObamaCare

Democrat Groups Fight Republican Budget That
Zeroes Out Funding For Propagandists At NPR

Democrat-Activist, George Stephanopoulos: Americans
Want More Government Spending
… Record Deficits Are Bush’s Fault (Video)

Top 5 Silliest State Tax Hikes

Chavez Funding Open Borders,
Leftist Group To Undermine America 

Houston Based, AlMaghrib Institute: Sharia For Egypt And The West 

Islamic Schools In UK: Lessons In Hate And Violence

‘Makes No Sense To Bring In Tens Of Thousands
Of Refugees And Place Them On Welfare’

Obama’s Budget

 Obama Says: “Live Within Our Means”
…By Spending Into Oblivion

Obama Budget Doubles National Debt To $26.3 Trillion In 10 Years

Obama’s FY2012 Budget:
Taxes, Taxes, and More Taxes

Obama’s Spending Spree: By The Numbers

President Obama’s 2012 Budget Builds On Failures Of The Past

Obama’s Budget Bluff:
Obama And The Democrats Are Playing A Game

Government Debt To Exceed U.S. Economy

Another Year, Another Reckless Education Budget

Barack & Michelle

Why Does Obama Support Regime Change In Egypt But Not In Iran?

Obama’s Drilling Moratorium Causes Major Company To Go Bankrupt

Michelle Obama’s Next Crusade: Promoting Breastfeeding

Michelle Obama To Propagandize Kids On Cartoon Network

 Democrat-Activist Media

State-Run Media Beg Egyptian Citizens to Praise Pharaoh Obama

USA Today Op-Ed: ‘Obama Is…Wizard of All Things
To All People And Master Of Warm Healing’

Only ABC Hits Obama On Lack Of Substantial
Cuts In New Budget, NBC, CBS Downplay

Mika Brzezinski Gets A Spanking

New York Times’s Jackie Calmes:
Behold Obama’s Budgetary Brilliance


Failed Abortion Injures Woman At Missouri Planned Parenthood


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