Must Know Headlines 3.3.2011


The Muslim Brotherhood: “Allah Is Our Objective; The Prophet Is Our Leader;
The Quran Is Our Law; Jihad Is Our Way; Dying In The Way Of Allah Is Our Highest Hope.”

Ohio: Kids Brutally Beaten For Being Bad Muslims,
Caseworker On Trial For “Violating Rights Of Muslim Family”

Boy Was Beaten For Not Following Islam Closely Enough, Girls Say

Rochester, NY: Muslim Wearing Fake
FBI Jacket Arrested On Weapons Charges

New Islamist Group Wants “Sharia 4 America”

Freaky Farrakhan: Jews Are Pushing The US Into War

Mosques Flourish In America;
Churches Perish In Muslim World

Pakistani Children Play Suicide Bombing Game

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Says He Will “Spare No Effort” To Determine Why “Allahu Akbar”
Screaming Muslim Killed Two US Airman In Germany

Obama Seeks Billions More For LaHood’s War Against Cars

President Obama Says Tea Partiers Are Racists In New Book

Obama: Jewish Leaders Must ‘Search Souls’ On Mideast Peace


Hillary Clinton Says Al Jazeera Is
Putting American Media To Shame

Obama Admin Ignores Planned Parenthood Sex Trafficking Videos

Keep Spending More,
Yet Our Education System Just Gets Worse

Socialist Mantra Hidden In Grade School Chants

Teachers’ Unions 101: “A” Is For “Agitation”

Revolt!: How To Defeat Obama And Repeal His Socialist Programs

Yet Another New Obamacare Bureaucracy

Democrat-Activist Media

Network Double Standard: Rising Gas Prices
A Bush Problem In 2008, But Obama Gets a Pass

Speak No Evil- Networks Obscure
Deadly Extremism of Muslim Brotherhood

Robert Reich Calls For Class War On MSNBC

Why Is The Associated Press Pushing
To Make Names Of Gun Owners Public?

Censorship At The Boston University Daily Free Press

NPR CEO To Argue For Public Funding Of Public Broadcasting
In National Press Club Address

MSNBC Matthews Rages: Newt Gingrich Looks
Like A ‘Car Bomber’ Who ‘Loves Torturing!’

WI Public Union

Wisc. Public Employees Invest In Koch-Owned Company

Tell Wisconsin Senator Dale Schultz To Stand Firm With Gov. Walker


Herman Cain In Defense of American Exceptionalism