Must Know Headlines 3.6.2011


 Forget Medicare, THIS Is The Chart That Shows Why America Is Doomed

MI: The Union, Not Day Care Providers, Is Getting the ‘Pay Cut’

Despite Gas Prices Nearing $4 Per Gallon 
 Obama Adminstration Appeals Oil Drilling Ruling


Confirmed: Average Annual Compensation
For Milwaukee Teachers is $101,091 (Get Summers Off)

TEA Party  Cleaning Up The Wisconsin Capitol After Union Protests

Wisconsin’s Teachers: Betraying Students, Robbing Taxpayers

Live Ammo Found At WI Union Protests

Message To Unions:
Taylorism Died A Long Time Ago

Ohio GOP State Senator Faces Nasty
Threats From Unions On Facebook, In Restaurant

Barack Hussein Obama

LAWLESS: Mexican President Joins Obama In Calling
For ‘Comprehensive’ Reform Legalizing Illegal Aliens In U.S.

How Obama Is Making Gas Prices Higher

Obama’s Race Card: A “Post-Racial” Administration Continues
To Distract The Electorate With Phony Racial Issues

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN Very Excited About New Film That
Clears Up Americans’ ‘Ignorance’ Of Islam

NYT, WaPo Defend Speech Rights Of Westboro Baptist Church,
But Slammed ‘Citizens United’

Media Simultaneously Savaged Sarah Palin, Protected Barack Obama

The Media Battleground

Liberal Media Gives Black Racism From The WH A Pass

Matthews Rages: Newt Gingrich Looks Like
A ‘Car Bomber’ Who ‘Loves Torturing

Coburn, DeMint Introduce Bill To Defund NPR, PBS


Sebelius: Yes, We’re Double-Counting Medicare Savings

Obama, Reid And Pelosi
‘Deceitfully’ Hid $105 Billion In Obamacare

Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill Gives Pro-Aborts A Heart Attack

Senate Democrats FINALLY Abandon
Obama Rationing Czar Donald Berwick 

New York Dems Divide And
Conquer Conservative Immigrant Group


Nearly 4000 Muslims Attack Christian Homes In Egypt, Torch Church

Ethiopia: Muslims Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Burn Five Churches

Islamists Want International Sharia Court Of Justice In New York

 Race-Baiter And Jew-Hater Farrakhan To Keynote City Event

CAIR Accused In Radio Host’s Firing

Utah Passes Arizona-Style Immigration Law


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