Must Know Headlines 3.8.2011


Egypt: Senior Muslim Brotherhood Official
“Prays Every Night Israel Is Wiped Off The Map”

Expect More Islamist Attacks

The Great Fraud: Public Sector Bargaining Rights

Rep. Bachmann Helps Expose Secret Stash Of Obamacare Cash

Why We Need To Drill Here And Drill Now–
The President’s Policy Won’t Create More Energy — Or More Jobs

Is There A “Green” Business That Can
Survive Without Government Subsidies? : No.

Dick Morris: How To Shut Down The Government

Child Pornography Cases
Rise Dramatically In D.C. Area, U.S.

Iranian MP: West “Forced To Surrender To The Power Of Islam
And The Awakening Of The Nations”


Oil Hypocrisy: As Obama Goes To Court To Defend His Self-Imposed Drilling Moratorium,
 He Floats Idea Of Tapping Strategic Petroleum Reserve To Lower Rising Prices

Obama Administration Keeps Giving Out Obamacare Waivers,
Despite New Republican Spotlight

Obama Administration Responding to 228 Proposals —
Including Some From Libya, Cuba, North Korea —
On Human Rights In The U.S.

CBO: Senate Dems Cut Only $8.7 Billion
To House GOP’s $61 Billion

White House Moves To Reassure Muslims Ahead Of King Probe

Counter Terror Efforts & Its Resistance

American Moslems And Rep. King

Peter King: I Won’t Be Stopped By Political Correctness

 Islamic Supremacists And Useful Tools
 Protest Counter Terror Efforts (Photos)

The Shame Of Russell Simmons–
Hip Hop Mogul Attacks Peter King Hearings:
Islamic Radicals And The Ku Klux Klan

Red-Green Alliance Sponsors Astroturf
 ‘Today, I Am A Muslim, Too’ Campaign

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN’s ‘Expert On Extremism’: ‘Radical Right’ Bigger Threat Than Jihadis

 NY Times Columnist Tom Friedman
 Calls For Tax To Keep Gas At $4 Per Gallon

NPR, PBS Campaigns To Keep Federal Funds Called Unlawful

Video Hilarity: MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur Won’t Read
Chart That Says “Black Separatists” Are A Hate Group 

Networks Go Crazy Over Sheen,
Downplay Planned Parenthood Scandal

Are We Broke Yet?: Michael Moore,
Rachel Maddow, NYT Say No. Reality Begs to Differ

Kathy Griffin Responds To Palin:
I’m Still Coming After Your 16 Year-Old Daughter


Wisconsin Protest Signs May Land In The Smithsonian

Wisconsin: Milwaukee Teachers Union Drops
Lawsuit Seeking Taxpayer-Funded Viagra


Toronto Police Refuse To Investigate Islamist Death Threats

British Socialized HC Official: Some
Premature Babies Should Be Left To Die




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