Must Know Headlines 3.9.2011


Moderate Muslim Who Founded TV Network To Depict Muslims In
“Everyday Real-Life Situations” Gets 25 Years For Beheading His Wife

Listen Up GOP Or Mark Levin Will Lead An Effort To Replace You,
Levin Goes Nuclear On Republican Leadership (Audio)

Planned Parenthood’s ‘Truth Tour’ Does Not
Mention the 332,278 Abortions It Performed in 2009

Hearings On Islamic Radicalization

Why Do Islamic Groups Fear Hearings On Islamic Radicalization?
Because They Are The Radicalization Problem 


Feds And Cops: Peter King Is Right;
Not Many Tips From Muslim Community

Congressman Peter King Getting Death Threats, Security Ramped Up

Muslim Journalist: Congressman King’s Radical Islam Hearings A Good Idea

Attacks, Attempts Show Cost Of Radicalization 

White House To Liberal-Minded Muslims: Drop Dead

 The White Man’s Burden 

 Barack Hussein Obama

Obama’s Race-Obsessed Pentagon: ‘Too Many Whites, Men Leading Military’

Team Obama Directly Working To Recall Wisconsin Republicans

ObamaCare Waivers Top 1000 – Media Mum

Inhofe: Obama Trying to Kill Oil And Gas, Force Green

Michelle Obama Hosts Planned Parenthood Prez For Women’s Day

Lloyd Marcus: To Save America, We Must Dethrone King Obama  


Union Mafia

‘I’ll Break Your God**mned Neck’:
OH Union Protester Threatens Tea Partier

Cynical Unions Are No Friends To U.S. Workers


From ObamaCare To The Budget, The Obama Administration
Is Deceiving  The Public With Its Fuzzy Math

Liberals Resist Even Dumbed-Down Immigration Checks

Pay No Attention To The Elitist Population Controller Behind The Curtain


Was Frankfurt Shooter Motivated By Hollywood’s Anti-War Propaganda?

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