Must Know Headlines 3.22.2011


President Obama’s De Facto Offshore Drilling Moratorium:
Unreasonable. Unwarranted. Unlawful.

19,000 Jobs Worth $1.1 Billion In Wages Lost Nationally
Since Obama’s Offshore Drilling Moratorium Imposed

Fact: Bush Had 2 Times More Coalition Partners In Iraq Than Obama Has In Libya

America Now In Middle Eastern War Number Three

Kucinich: Obama Ignored Constitution, His Own Advice With Strikes On Libya

Obama 2007: “The President Does Not Have Power Under The Constitution To
Unilaterally Authorize A Military Attack In A Situation That
Does Not Involve Stopping An Actual Or Imminent Threat To The Nation”

Obama Libya War Flunks Powell Doctrine Test:
(1) Avoid Mission Creep (2) Clearly Define Goals (3) Plan Exit Strategy

Confusion In Libya Assault Plan: NATO, Obama, UN Asking ‘Who’s In Charge?’

Barack Hussein Obama

Suport The War, Regret The President: Obama Is A Fraud

In Chile, Obama Repeated His Pledge To Try To Get Congress To Pass
A Bill Legalizing ILLEGAL Immigrants In The U.S
(Last Sentence Of Article)

Obama: Consistently Anti-American

Obama Gave 2 Billion To Brazil So They Can Drill Offshore;
Won’t Allow US Drilling

Obama’s Energy Secretary Chu Embraces High Gas Prices, Again

Obama Praises Chile’s Policies That He Won’t Permit For Us

One World Government Obama

Change! Chilean Protesters Torch US Flag At Anti-Obama Rally

With No Debate And No Objective, Obama Enters A War

Report: Obama Administration Considers Reaching Out To Hizballah In
Search Of “Nonmilitary Components That Can Be Drawn Into A Dialogue”

Obama Administration Is Following The ‘Detroit Pattern’


Locked And Loaded: Democrats Have Sights On Gun-Control, Part II

Claire McCaskill’s (D) Tax Problems Go Far Beyond ‘AirClaire’

America’s Descent Into Strategic Dementia;
Egypt & Libya Reveal What The Administration Should Be Thinking, But Isn’t

Ground Zero Mosque Radical Imam Rauf Gets $20,000 To Speak At University

Obama Helps Brazil Develop Its Offshore Oil So We Can One Day Import It

Video: SEIU Protesters Take Over Bank HQ To Protest CEO

Democrat-Activist Media

Milwaukee JOURNAL SENTINEL’S Coverage Is Limited;
Didn’t Report Belligerence, Harassment, And
Intimidation By Opponents Of Governor Scott Walker

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Enthralled By ‘Remarkable Job’ On Libya Done By Obama And Rice

Ed Schultz On Libya: ‘Given That Americans
Died On That 747 Over Lockerbie, I’m All For This Mission’

Liberal Media Stunned: Analysis Shows Emails To Governor Walker Favored His Bill

Chris Matthews Laughs Hysterically When Guest Makes Anti-Semitic Remark

Things You Won’t See In Mainstream Media: Monday Edition


Egyptian Poll Monitor: Islamic Groups “Told Voters To Approve The Amendments
If They Wanted To Keep Coptic Christians Out Of Government”

Jihadists, Narcoterrorists And The Chavez Connection

‘Battle Los Angeles’ #1 Overseas:
Will Hollywood Still Tell Us Pro-American Hurts Foreign Box Office?



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