Must Know Headlines 3.24.2011


Obama’s Department Of Justice Sues School District On
Behalf Of Hajj-Tripping Muslim Teacher Who Wanted 3 Weeks Off

Statements Made By Then-Senators Obama, Biden Haunt Libya Mission

Iran, Syria Benefit From U.N. Nuclear Assistance Program,
Which The State Dep’t Insists On Funding In Full

A Former SEIU Official’s Plan To Crash America’s  Financial System

AFP Continues To Fight Against Government-Run Health Care

Suicidal Jews And The Anti-Semites They Ignore (And Sometimes Embrace)

Durbin Is Wrong About Muslim Rights

Saudi Tanks Roll Where Obama Fears To Tread

Trump: Obama Must Release Birth Certificate

ILLEGAL Immigrants

Obama Wants GOP To Legalize The ILLEGAL
—The Next Batch Of Dependent Democrat Voters—

LAPD Officers Manning Sobriety Checkpoints Will No Longer
Impound Cars Discovered To Be Driven By Unlicensed Illegal Immigrants

DOJ Memo Confirms Terrorists Have Crossed The Border

Testify Against Subsidies For Illegal Immigrants, Get Racist Death Threats

Illegal Immigrants Posing As US Marines Arrested At Border;
Millions More Never Caught

Illegal Immigrants Posing As US Marines Arrested At Border; These Are The People Obama Wants To Legalize


Obama’s Administration Has Granted More Than 1,000 Waivers To The Health
Law To Prevent 2.6 Million Workers From Losing Their Coverage

Obama’s Administration Said It Will Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Power Plants,
 A Move That Will Smother Jobs Across The Country

An Obamacare Weiner-Waiver For New York City?

Democrats Tout Success Of Obama’s Libya Intervention

A Food Police Ban Burger Joints – Is Your City Next?

Democrats Advance ‘Lesbians-As-Role Models’ Plan:
‘Costly State Mandate Targets Children For Sexual Brainwashing’

Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Obama Tells Reporters: I’m Keeping My Peace Prize

Libya: As Senator, Obama  Would Vote
Against His Own Use Of  Force Resolution

Obamacare’s Failed First Year

Obama’s Statement On Jihad Murders Of Israelis
Expresses Condolences For Palestinian Deaths,
Calls For Restraint By Both Sides

 Disarmament The Obama Way

Obama’s Crazy War

Democrat-Activist Media

Activist Media Group Uses Soros Billions To Train Progressive Pundits

OC Register Gives CAIR Rep Free Pass

MSNBC Celebrates ObamaCare Anniversary,
 Condemns Republican ‘Lies’ About Law

The Sound of Silence: Media Ignores Stephen Lerner’s
 Revolutionary Plan To Bring Down US Economy

Media Ignores Story Of Economic Terrorism

Chris Matthews And Robert Reich
Ironically Discuss ‘Republican Lies About Jobs’

Watch Brian Williams Carry Obama’s Water On Jimmy Fallon Show

Smoking Gun: After Abu Ghraib Obsession,
 Media AWOL On ‘Obama Ghraib’


Iraqi Archbishop Warns Christians Facing “Near-Genocide Conditions”



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