Must Know Headlines 4.3.2011


FOX Analyst Charles Payne: We’re Paying $55 Million
 A Day In Libya For Obama’s Ideology Of A One World Utopia (Video)

Our Man Karzai Provoked Qur’an-Burning Riots

Pakistan: Jihadists Behead Three Security Guards Watching NATO Truck Terminal

The Deteriorating Situation Of Christians In The Middle East,
Now Complicated By Revolution And Islamism

Despite The Scary Warnings, U.S. Not Running Low On Oil

Unions Go On Offense As Judge Invalidates Wisconsin Labor Bill

Corrupt Elections Are Undermining Governance

Barack Hussein Obama 

Barack Obama: Losing $84 Billion Big Success

Obama Regime Grants Another 129 ObamaCare Waivers — Half To Unions

Obama And GE’s Immelt Playing US Like Fools

Obama Fears Planned Parenthood, Republicans Shouldn’t Fear Shutdown

Obama Gives Campaign-Style Energy Speech To Audience Of Kids


Harry Reid Continues Obsessing Over A Tea Party He Says Is Irrelevant

Howard Dean: Right Running Things Is A Threat To Country &
 Equivalent To Burning Down Buildings; Tea Partiers Have Deep Problems;
Fox Is Propaganda & MSNBC Is Factually Correct

 Feds Becoming Biggest Part Of State Budgets;
America On Verge Of European-Style Unitary Government


Why War On Libya, When Iran Is The No. 1 Offender And Threat?

Aiding Libya More Than Arming Rebels

Democrat-Activist Media

America’s Marxist Media-
For Them, Truth Doesn’t Work Like It Does For You And Me

Media Ignore Wisconsin Teacher–Katherine R. Windels– Charged With
 Sending Death Threats To Republicans

HuffPo’s Fineman: ‘Machiavellian’ Cantor ‘Dumbing It Down’ For Tea Party Supporters

Daily Kos: Scott Walker, Fox News Show America’s Becoming A Capitalist USSR

Mediaite: U.S. Pastor Kills Eight People, UN Workers

Major Nets’ Evening Newscasts All Ignore Poll Showing
Lowest Obama Approval Numbers To Date

Privileged NYT Food Writer Mark Bittman Blames
‘Unregulated Capitalism And Greed,’ Bush, Reagan Tax Cuts For Hunger

Pro-Abort Confusion: PP Says They Never Claimed
To Offer Mammograms, Media Matters Says PP Does Them


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