Must Know Headlines


A Budget Deal: A Republican Suicide

Democrat Says Libya Costs Run Much Higher

Two George Soros Events Aim To Remake The Financial Order
And The Media – So Where’s The Reporting?

Why Not The Same Here?

‘You’re A Lucifer:’ PA Man Sent To Prison For Threatening
GOP Rep. Eric Cantor

Border Agents Cite Pressure Not To Detain Illegals

Barack Hussein Obama

As Government Shutdown Looms…
Obama Attends Gala In New York City

Obama Can Hope, But A Lot Has
Changed Since Clinton’s ’95 Shutdown

Obama’s Do-Nothing Oil Policy Hurts

Obama’s Simply Not Telling The Truth About Domestic Oil Drilling

Another Obama Land Grab

Oprah Won’t Publicly Support Obama’s Re-Election

Democrat-Activist Media

Says GOP Wants To ‘Kill Women’; Media Mum

Sent From Black Muslim To Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.)

Media Covers For Obama On Gitmo

Media Dust Off 1995 Shutdown Playbook Of Cliches To Cover
Current Budget Fight

The Hilarious Media/Blog Coverage Of Glenn’s Fox News

The NY Times Never Lets The Facts Get In The Way Of A Really
Good Blood Libel


Sen. Boxer Against Turning IRS Into ‘Health Care Policeman’

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D): GOP Freshmen
Elected “To Kill Women”

Dem. Congresswoman: Gov‘t Shut Down Is ’Like Bombing Innocent Civilians’

Democrats May Shut Down Government Over Abortion Funding Ban

38.4% Of Planned Parenthood’s 2009 “Health Center Income” Is From Abortion


UK: Islamic Supremacist Preaches Hate Of Britain, Lives On
$2,000-A-Month Benefits

Suicide Note “References To Islamic Fundamentalism”


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