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CBO: Budget Deal Cuts This Fiscal Year’s Deficit By Just $352 Million, Not $38 Billion Touted

World Premiere Of  The Epic Film Atlas Shrugged In Union Station, Washington, DC

Altas Shrugged Interview: ‘We Didn’t Get A Lot Of Support From
The Major Talent Agencies When We Embarked On Producing The Movie’


$23.8 Out Of $38.5 Billion In Budget “Cuts” Result Of Accounting Shenanigans

Thanks Barack… US Now Has Largest Percent Deficit To GDP Of Any Developed Economy

Deficit Jumps 15.7% In First Half Of Fiscal Year

This Congress Must Cut Federal Spending And Get Government Under Control

Loretta Sanchez, CA Rep.  Mocks Congressional Tea Party Republicans
As Slow For Caring About The Constitution With Bigoted Southern Accent

House Republicans Expected T0 Fall Billions
Short Of Their Fiscal 2011 Spending Pledge


Keith Ellison’s Slurs

Keith Ellison’s Slurs

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Keith Ellison’s Slurs

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Democrat Senator Wants Internet Sales Taxes

Spending Bill Bears Democrat Stamp

Nancy Pelosi: Elections Shouldn’t Matter As Much As They Do

Mich. Teachers Union Prez Suggests Using Students At Budget Protests

REVEALED: California Teachers Association Union
Planning Takeover Of State Capitol Building Next Month

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Poses As Military Defender Days After Refusing To Pay Them

Instead Of Spending Cuts, Obama Will Renew Call To Tax The Wealthy

Important Difference Between A Certificate – vs. Certification – Of Live Birth

Democrat-Activist Media

Arianna, The Progressive Pariah: HuffPo Blogger Files $105 Million Class Action Suit

NY Times Admits That Obama’s Economic Policies Have Failed – Then Quickly Scrubs The Line

How Much Do NPR Listeners Hate Fox News? Very Intensely

Behar Claims Poor Whites & Blacks Are ‘Oppressed By The Right Wing’

The NYT’s Tale Of Two Medicare Plans: Obama’s Painless ‘Savings’ vs. The GOP’s ‘Shrinking’

Lawrence O’Donnell Forgets Medicaid Also Provides For Women’s Health Services

Donald Trump’s Celebrity Inoculates Him
Against Obama’s Mainstream Media Palace Guards

MSNBC’s  Mika Brzezinski Goes On A Sexist, Racist Rant

No Shutdown For Biased Media


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