Must Know Headlines


Cops Fire Back At Pro-Cop Killer Teachers Union

Lefties Go Nuts While Sarah Palin Speaks

GOP Rep. Tom Reed Wants Debt Clock Displayed In House Chamber:
“We’re Borrowing $58,000 Per Second”

‘Fu***ng Brat!’ Protester Screams Profanity At 14-Year-Old Tea Party Speaker


Boondoggle In Tax Code: Subsidies For Green Energy

The Latest Obama Cabinet Member With A Tax Problem: Eric Holder

Tax Compliance Employs More Workers Than
Wal-Mart, UPS, McDonald’s, IBM And Citigroup Combined

Tax Advisers: Prepare To Pay Higher Tax Rates In The Future

Rep. Brady: High Taxes Chasing Away Business

Barack Hussein Obama

DOJ Source: Gov’t Muslim ‘Outreach’ Jeopardized Active Terror Investigations

Obama Spares Arrested ILLEGAL Immigrant Protesters

FEC To Investigate Obama’s Secret Campaign Cash: Millions From Foreign Sources

After 45 Americans Are Killed In Tornadoes… Obama Goes Golfing

Al-Jazeera, “The Most Powerful Voice Of The
Muslim Brotherhood,” Has Fans In The Obama White House

Democrat-Activist Media

CBS Rues Unfairness Of Rich Not Paying Enough
Without Noting More Than A Third Of Americans Pay Nothing

Lib Media Goes On Attack: Posts Fake Crowd Video – Calls Tea Party Protesters “Radical”

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: ‘Why Is Taxing The Rich So Hard?’

NY Times’ Paul Krugman Calls For End To New Civility

AFP Pic Caption, Video Description: ‘Tea Party Radicals Rally On Tax Day’

AP’s Feller Asks Obama About Thursday ‘Third World’
Comment The Wire Service Flushed Out Of Early Report


How Supporters Of Palestinian Terrorism Are Murdered And Raped
By Their Palestinian Sponsors

Libya’s Growing Humanitarian Crisis: Things Are Worse, Not Better

The UN ‘Disappears’ 50 Million Climate Refugees, Then Botches The Cover-Up

How Liberal Policies Have Devastated The Black Community

GM: A Loose Nut Behind The Wheel