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Newly Liberated Egypt: Muslims Rename Holy Friday “Bloody Friday” For Christians

Violence Triggered By Election Of Nigerian Christian Is Much Worse Than First Thought

Happy Easter Commie Style: Chinese Police Detain ‘Illegal Church’ Members

Nazareth: Banner Hung Near Basilica Of The Annunciation Says
“Whoever Seeks A Religion Other Than Islam,
It Will Never Be Accepted Of Him, And In The Hereafter He Will Be One Of The Losers”

World Needs An America That Understands Freedom

First Amendment

Pastor Terry Jones Briefly Jailed In Dearbornistan For Wanting To Protest Islam,
Ordered To Stay Away From Mosque For 3 Years

VIDEO: Muslims Praising Allah For Jailing Of Jones, “He Got Lucky”

Muslims Protest Terry Jones In Dearborn, Nothing Happens

Terry Jones Says He Will Be Back To Protest

Supreme Court Urged To Decide Case Involving Roadside Crosses In Utah

Barack Hussein Obama

The Traveling Obama Show—
A President Who Would Rather Campaign Than Govern

Commies In Hollywood Calls For 5 And 1/2 More Years Of Obama

Syrian Regime Goons Kill Dozens Of Protesters,
Obama Issues Strongly Worded Statement

Smartest President Ever Claims That Eliminating Fuel Subsidies Will Lower Gas Prices

Bam Ratchets Up Attacks On “Rich” And Spews Stupidity Of Gas Prices

Obama’s Blame Of Speculators, Forming Of Gas Task Force Misguided

What If The Birthers Are Right?

Obama Visits The S(lush) F(und) Bay Area

“Gangster Government” Exposes The First Thug’s Abuse Of Power

Obama’s ‘Altruistic’ Foreign Policy: Empowering The Taliban 


Going Green By Starving America Of Oil

The First Birthers Were Progressive Democrats

Mark Shields: ‘The Most Urgent Priority America
Has Is To Find Jobs For Young Egyptians’

‘Trig Truther’ Andrew Sullivan Disappointed
Advertisers Dumped Palin-Bashing Wonkette


Orange County Awards Muslim Who Wished For “Implementation of Sharia
In All Areas” Of Society, Said Muslims Can Never Accept Homosexuality &
Predicted God’s Wrath On America For Its Support Of Israel

Facts Explode Urban Legends Of The Left

Sex Trafficking In The U.S. Called ‘Epidemic’

GAO: $1.5B To Jail Unlawful Immigrants

Body Of Baby Victimized In Abortion Found in Clinic Parking Lot

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