Must Know Headlines


As Gas Prices Reach $4 Per Gallon—
The Obama EPA Forces Shell To Abandon Arctic Drilling

IMF Bombshell: Age Of America Nears End— China’s Economy Will Surpass The U.S. In 2016

EPA Regulations Strangling America

Herman Cain: Obama’s Oil-Price Blame Game

Obama’s Regulatory Tsunami More Destructive Than Taxes

Boeing Lives By Big Government, Dies By Big Government

The Clinton Tax Increases Did Not Cause The 1990s Economic Boom

TSA Airport Screener Charged With Distributing Child Pornography

Paradox: Green-Loving Washington State About To Penalize Electric Car Owners

Leftists Visit, Hug Mother Of Fogel Murderer

The Media’s ‘Islamophobia’ Is The World’s Reality

Palestinians Torch Joseph’s Tomb After Police Slaughter Israeli Worshipper

Muslims Explode Bomb Near Entrance Of A Catholic Church
 In Baghdad After Easter Services On Sunday

Muslim Policemen Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Open Fire On Jews Praying At Joseph’s Tomb

Huge Jailbreak In Afghanistan Frees Hundreds Of Taliban Fighters

At Least 500 Dead In Riots After Election Of Christian In Nigeria

Al-Qaida Advancing Amid Middle East, North Africa Turmoil

Pakistani Christians Celebrate Easter Quietly: “If We Celebrate It With A Fanfare,
We Fear Somebody Might Get Annoyed And Attack Us”

Michigan Muslim Exception To The First Amendment

Pro-Hamas Group Begins Jew-Bashing Billboard Campaign In Seattle

Detroit Transit Appeals Free Speech Victory Verdict On Freedom Buses;
Seeks To Impose Sharia (Blasphemy) Laws On Dearborn Buses

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Is Our First Marxist-Leninist President

Genius In Chief Obama: No ‘Silver Bullet’ To Bring Down The Price Of Gas

Obama Faces Hard Times With Catholic Voters

Democrat-Activist Media

Liberal Columnist Cynthia Tucker:
High Gas Prices Are Our Fault For Opposing Obama . . . And Public Transit

Hey, Media Matters! Fact Check This!

ABC Spins Soaring Gas Prices As A Weapon To Bash The GOP,
 Ignores Potential Problems For Obama

HuffPo’s Fineman Blames GOP Congress For Obama’s Low Poll Numbers

Retired Anchorman Apologizes For Presenting Both Sides Of Global Warming Debate


At  Some Colleges, Students Must Keep Their Pro-Life Opinions To Themselves

Attacking Trig And Sarah Palin: “Not Very Smart”

Pro-Life Youth Mobilize At Street Fair To Say No To Planned Parenthood And Abortion

‘The Frisky’ Columnist Says Tim Tebow Can’t Be ‘Hot’ Because He’s Pro-Life