Must Know Headlines


Obama’s Executive Order Will Exempt Unions From Disclosing Political Contributions
Prior To Obtaining Government Contracts

Emotional Congressman (D) Demands Obama
Use Executive Power Or Latinos Won’t Vote For Him

Gas Prices

Gas Prices Top $1-A-Gallon Higher Than Year Ago; Media Don’t Blame Obama

Thanks To Obama, Gas Jumps In A Flash—
Thanks To The Left, Prices Will Keep On Rising, Too

Obama’s Energy Sec. Wants $7 To $9 Unleaded Gas Prices

Energy In America: EPA Rules Force Shell To Abandon Oil Drilling Plans


Supreme Court Allows Obamacare To Metastasize

The Administration’s Answer To High Healthcare Costs Is…. Rationing

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama To Ignore Ban On Czars

Obama Claims Those Who Came To America By Illegally Crossing
Rio Grande Came As Those Who Came To Ellis Island

Devout Christian Obama Has Not Issued Easter Proclamation
Or Statement In Any Of 3 Easters He Has Been In Office, Rolls Eggs W/ Bunny Instead

Obama Finds New Rev. Wright;
Obama’s Easter Pastor Has Compared Rush To The KKK

President “Necessarily Skyrocket” Obama Baffled By Rising Gas Prices

Economic Study: Despite Obama’s Claim, The Poor Are Not Getting Poorer

Ex-Obama Adviser — Also A Self Professed Communist—
Is Pushing For Law Giving Mother Nature Human Rights

Obama Again Equates America‘s Greatness With Gov’t Spending

The Obamas Silent In The Face Of White Atrocity


Sharia Compliance In Dearborn, Michigan

Koran-Burning Pastor Jailed For Thoughtcrime

Democrat-Activist Media

Maddow: ‘No Political Agenda At MSNBC’

Bi-Sexual Jesus: ‘Money-Driven’ Hollywood Eager To Offend The Faithful

Shocking New Study: The New York Times Always Favors Democrats

Jews Canceling The NY Times Due To Its Anti-Israel Biases;
Gray Lady Tries To Suck Up

WikiLeaks: U.S. Officials Suspected High-Level Cooperation Between Al-Jazeera
And Al-Qaeda & Other Terrorist Groups

Clear Channel Runs Hate-Israel Billboards But
Rejects AFDI Pro-Israel Ads Due To “Community Standards”

LA Times Columnist Calls Sarah Palin A ‘Special-Needs Case’

On Letterman, Maher Charges Racist ‘Tea-Baggers’
Are ‘Corporate America’s Useful Idiots’

Rush: Left Going Into Hyperdrive To Destroy Sarah Palin


Catholics For Choice Group Holds Event At Planned Parenthood

Girl Becomes Pro-Life After Seeing Photos of Abortion At FAMU Education Event