Must Know Headlines


Barack Obama Is Not On America’s Side—
Obama Promises ILLEGAL Alien Students He’ll Keep Pushing DREAM Act 

Governments Rot When Their Citizens Let Them (Part I):
We Get The Worst Government We’re Prepared To Tolerate

American Indians Demonstrate How Government ‘Help’ Creates Poverty

Time To Pull The Cloak of Invisibility Off Of Black Conservatives

Palin: ‘Hells No’ I Wouldn’t Vote To Raise The Debt Limit!

How The Feds Conceal Inflation

AZ Gets State Defense Force Law; Now It’s Time to Act

Visa Security Program Plagued by Discord, Confusion

Exxon Profits, But Also Pays Huge Taxes

Free Jesus Diaz


North Carolina Considering Bill To Ban Sharia

Justice Dept. Attorney: Obama Administration May Sue States To
Stop Them From Banning Sharia Law

Saudi Arabia Bans Publishing “Anything Contradicting Islamic Sharia Law” 

Obama Bows To The Saudi King

Barack Hussein Obama

Google And Obama: Joined At The Hip

Santorum: Obama Making America Less Safe

Black Chamber Of Commerce CEO Blasts ‘Marxist,’ ‘Brownshirt’ Obama

Barack Hussein Obama Senior: Nightmares Of My Father

Get Serious On Syria, Mr. President


Must Be Election Season: GOP Are Suddenly Racists Again

The Conspiracy Theory That’s Worse Than Birthers or Truthers: ‘Racist-ers’

Gay Safe Schools Czar Compares Anti-Gay Discrimination
To Slavery And Racial Segregation

Big Labor Leaders Mum While Bay State Dems
Launch Attack On Collective Bargaining Rights

Democrat-Activist Media

Brian Williams Wonders If Tornadoes Caused By ‘Something We Have Done?’

Taxpayer Funded NPR Hosting Celebs At Washington Dinner Party 

Dear Southern Storm Victims:
You Are Dead Because You Didn’t Believe In Global Warming

Behar: ‘Illiterate’ Palin Returns ‘Like Jock Itch,’ Guest Accuses Palin Of ‘Anti-Semitic Jokes’

Markos Moulitsas Tells Kos Kooks That Liberals Shun Their Crazies, Unlike Conservatives


May Day: The Wisconsin Witch Hunt Goes National

Busted… Paul Ryan Catches Astroturfed Heckler at Town Hall: “You Changed Clothes!”

Death By U.S. Trained Terrorists: More
Afghans & Iraqis Are Turning On Coalition Partners


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