16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Photo from protest in California. No doubt Obama & Democrat supporters.

Barack Obama ♥’s ILLEGAL Immigrants

ILLEGAL Immigrant Lover-In-Chief Mocks GOP Concerns About Border Security

You Lie!… Obama Says Border Fence Is “Basically Complete” But It’s Only 5% Finished

Obama Wants To Legalize Border Hoppers

Mexican Drug Smugglers Tunnel 250 Feet Through SOLID ROCK Beneath U.S. Border

While Campaigning In El Paso, Obama Refers To
ILLEGAL Aliens As “Undocumented Immigrants”

There is no such thing as non-criminal ILLEGAL immigrants.

Not A Laughing Matter:
Obama Jokes That Mexican Border Needs ‘A Moat’


The Amnesty Bandwagon Rides Again-
It’s About Political Security, Plain & Cynical

As soon as we legalize them, we'll unionize them.


Obama Wants To Legalize Those Who Broke The Law To Get Or Stay Here



Obama’s Texas Two-Step On Immigration

President Obama

Obama’s Polygamist Half-Brother Runs Shady Charity

Obama’s Assault On South Carolina Jobs

Fishermen Say Regulations Destroying Industry

Democrat-Activist Media

The Majority Of American Media Outlets Fail To Report The Yemeni Passenger
Was Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ As He Attempted To Storm The Cockpit Door

Veteran Newsman Demands Media Become Even More Hostile To GOP Policies

Jack Ass MSNBC Host To Tom Tancredo: Would You
Prefer Obama Die Rather Than Bin Laden?

Union Shill Ed Schultz Sued By NBC Employee Alleging Fraud, ‘Anti-Labor Practices’

Liberal Bias Permeates News Report On Alabama’s Illegal-Immigration Law

Washington Post ‘News’ Coverage With An 11-To-1 Pro-Fatah, Pro-Hamas Bias

Media Stonewalled As AFL-CIO Boss Scandalizes Catholic University


Obama’s Incoherence Or Hypocrisy: Syria, The Massacres (Graphic Video)

Syria: Assad’s Force Fire At Ambulance

America’s Irresponsible Silence On Syria


Hero Who Helped Subdue Yemeni Muslim Who
Stormed Airplane’s Cockpit Door Speaks Out

Poet? In 2005 Interview, White House Guest Spoke
Out Against Mixed-Race Relationships

Hamas Leader: We’ll Accept 1967 Borders, But Never Recognize Israel

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