Must Know Headlines


Obama’s Government Refused Texas Federal Aid For
Wildfires Then Literally Started Another Fire In TX

Conn. To Give Illegal Aliens Discounted Tuition

Gov. Jan Brewer On Obama’s Border “Jokes”: “Anybody With A Little Bit
Of A Brain Knows The Borders Are Not Secure (Video)

Creating Poverty Through ‘Social Justice’

6 American Muslims (Including 2 Imams) Charged With Aiding Jihad/Taliban  

Big Oil: Raising Our Taxes Will Make Gas More Expensive

NASA Gets Caught Faking Climate Change Data-AGAIN!

Senate GOP Embarrasses Dems Over Boeing

Barack Hussein Obama

Why Obama Denied Texas Federal Aid For Wildfires—
The State Didn’t Vote For Barack Obama. Period.

….But Gives TX $2 Mil To Track What Minority Kids Eat For Lunch

Is It Time For Libya Interventionists To Admit They Were Wrong?

Obama’s Hypocritical Rhetoric On Immigration Reform

Birth Certificate Doesn’t Meet Hawaii Standards

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Amnesia: One Week Before His Renewed Muslim Outreach Why Has No One
Reported Obama‘s Massive Egyptian ’Spring’ Misread

CNN’s Zakaria Reveals He Advises President Obama On Foreign Policy

NYT: White House Searching For “Plausible Theory” By Which
Libya War Won’t Soon Be Illegal

 CBS Plays Up Obama’s Mockery Of GOP On Border Security,
No Criticism Of President


 Noted Climatologist Bill Maher On Alabama Tornados: ‘This Is Global Warming’


Kamal Saleem: A Muslim Cries Out To Jesus

Americans Have Hit The Ceiling Over Debt

War Dogs!


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