Must Know Headlines


Obama & Democrats Approve 200 More New Healthcare Reform Waivers

Ohio State Economists: Obama’s “Stimulus” Bill Destroyed 500,000 Jobs 

Hotel California: Million Dollar Sheets On The Taxpayer’s Dime

Herman Cain Sounds Off On Race, A Debate Win, And The Need To Simplify Government

Gov. Rick Perry’s Business-Friendly Texas Thriving

New York City: Muslims March In Jewish Genocide Bund Rally
“Third Intifada” Marches Round The World

Thugs Helping Thugs: Iran And North Korea Exchanging Missile Technology


 Federal Gun Legislation Would Greatly Expand
Who Qualifies As Mentally Ineligible From Owning A Gun

San Fran Rolls Out Welcome Mat To All Illegal Alien Felons

The American Flag Is ‘Offensive’ In Schools Now


Israel Was Invaded Sunday

16 Dead, Dozens Injured As Violence Erupts Along Israel’s Borders With Syria

Israel: Muslim Truck Driver Shouting “Allahu Akbar” And “Death
To The Jews” Plows Into Cars, Murdering One Person, Injuring 17

Ahmadinejad: Israel Must Be Wiped Out Because It Is The Center Of World Terrorism

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Announces New Oil Drilling For EPA To Block

Obama’s Hypocritical Rhetoric on Immigration Reform

Intelligence Leaks Not Very Intelligent

Democrat-Activist Media

Liberal Journalist Explains How Obama Could Decree Federal Control Over
Private Corporations To Unionize & Regulate Them Using Laws Already On The Books

CNN‘s Fareed Zakaria Now Denies He’s ‘Advising’ The President

CNN Anchor: Are Conservatives Angry About
Common’s White House Appearance Because He’s Black?

Roger Ebert And Joan Walsh Jump On David Gregory’s Gingrich Is Racist Bandwagon

AP-GfK = Absolutely Pathetic Garbage For Koolaiders

CBS Gives Obama Over 26 Minutes To Lecture On The Economy

AP Reporters Act As If Social Security’s Reckoning Is 25 Years Away; It’s Not

 A Christian Responds To Bill Maher’s Ignorant Bin Laden Rant


India: 2 Muslim Mothers Murder Daughters For Marrying Hindu Men

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