Must Know Headlines


Obama Sides With Palestinians — Endorses 1967 Border Demands

Netanyahu Rejects Obama Call For Palestinian State Based On 1967 Borders

How About A National Obamacare Waiver?

Al-Jazeera’s “Exclusive” Relationship With Al-Qaeda

Network That Once Refused To Air ‘Support The Troops’ Ad,
Currently Running Ads From Group With Terror Links

Over 50 U.S. Churches To Hold Qur’an Readings—
**Bonus Readings That The Church Members Might Enjoy**

African Americans Flee Failed Liberal Northern Cities For The Conservative South

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee Fights To Defund College Republicans

Obama’s America

Obama Campaign Now Selling ‘Made In The USA’ Gear, Mocking Birthers

Secret Service Monitoring FOX NEWS

Obamacare Transparency Fail:
Who’s Still Witing For Waivers And Who Got Denied? Obama Won’t Tell Us

The Union Label Stifles Growth And Jobs

The Terror Plot The FBI Refuses To Investigate

Excessive Environmental Rules Block Officers From Patrolling And Capturing
Violent Illegal Aliens On Protected Public Lands

How GE’s Green Lobbying Is Killing U.S. Factory Jobs

Harry Reid Sets Up Senate Vote On Goodwin Liu Thursday

Republicans Stand Firm Against Inexperienced & Activist Court Nominee

Obama Jokes About Pirates Who Killed Americans

Democrat-Activist Media

WaPo’s Boy Wonder Ezra Klein: Hey, Let’s Take
Away Seniors Voting Rights To Give Dems An Advantage!

Obama To Local/Metro Papers: How Ya Like Me Now, Chumps?

Donna Brazile Floats Voter Fraud

AP’s Story on Grim Teen Summer Job Outlook Nearly Invisible;
Minimum Wage’s Contribution To Problem Not Noted

Why Is Soros Spending Over $48 Million Funding Media Organizations?

Why Won’t Media Stand Up To White House?

Joy Behar: Rick Santorum ‘Seems Like A Big Homophobe’

Same Roger Ebert Who Sees Coded Racism
In ‘Food Stamps’ Excuses Director’s Pro-Nazi Rant

NYT Corrects ‘Fracking’ Story: ‘Few’ Cases Of
Water Contamination, Not ‘Numerous’

MSNBC’s Nostalgia Is Dam Inconvenient For President Obama

United States Is A Dying Empire: Civil Rights Activist And
Liberal Talk Show Host Openly Hope For American Revolution


Chicago Trial Poses New Challenge To U.S.-Pakistani Relations

Police Dhimmitude: DOJ, DHS Film Instructs Law Enforcement
To Obey Sharia Gender Discrimination


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