Another US Honor Killing? Muslim Woman’s Death Ruled Accident, Slammed Head On Coffee Table


Police say Fatima Abdallah threw herself to the floor and repeatedly smashed her head on a coffee table, which made her die of a brain hemorage. The only person to have allegedly witnessed the death, and waited 2 1/2 hours to call 911,  has gone back to Pakistan. Florida Family Association has turned up evidence that the police did not and are asking the Tampa Police Department to reopen this case or for the State Attorney to open a new inquiry to fully investigate Fatima Abdullah’s death.

See FFA’s indings HERE.

Photo Credit:  Atlas Shrugs


My Fox Tampa Bay reported Atlas Shrugs:

TAMPA – The police evidence photo shows Fatima Abdallah’s lifeless body on her brother’s new Tampa living room floor. She lived there in a gated subdivision, a private investigator says, with three other Muslim families, shunned and divorced because she could not produce children.

Conservative activist David Caton says he knows what it was.

“This was what you would call an honor killing,” he said.

Acting on neighbor tips and the private eye’s work, Caton, of the Florida Families Association is pushing police to reopen the case, insisting Abdallah died because her family believed she had dishonored them under Islamic law.

“She was divorced,” Caton says, “because she could not have children and was shunned and kept private into the family was not allowed to leave or go places.”

Yet the Hillsborough Medical Examiner ruled the 48-year-old Abdallah’s death was an accident, that during an argument with her mother, she threw herself to the floor, smashing her face into a coffee table, and dying of a brain hemorrhage.

Deputy Police Chief Marc Hamlin telling FOX13, “the bottom line is, no matter how long you investigate and no matter how much you investigate, its not going to overrule the competent medical evidence that it was an accident.”

Police across the country have been investigating so-called honor killings, where women and girls die at their own family’s hands for dishonoring them under Islamic law.

In Clayton County, outside Atlanta, police say Sandella Rashid was choked to death because she’d divorced the Pakistani man he’d arranged for her to marry. Said Detective Mike Christian, “he told us that he had killed his daughter that he didn’t not want the family dishonored by divorce”. READ MORE

Honor killings are common in the Muslim world, and they happen here in America too.

Creeping Sharia points out:

Florida has a large and growing problem.


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