Must Know Headlines


Dangerous Precedent For Press:
Vice President Joe Biden Attends Fundraisers, Denies Local Media

Obama Budget: Zero% Approval In The Senate

Top Obama Health Aide Cashes Out After Health ‘Reform’

GOP Condemns Democrats’ ‘Breathtaking’ Refusal To Produce Budget

 DC Libs Happy To Sign Petition Banning Conservative’s Free Speech

Hamas-Tied MAS Mosque Lies In Court Documents, Protests Continue
Political Collusion With Muslim Brotherhood Mosque In Sheepshead Bay

Netanyahu: Israel Cannot Prevent UN Recognition Of Palestinian State

Flotilla Group Received Millions From Canadian Government

Navy Too Politically Correct For ‘Old Salts’

 Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Pays Lip Service To Military During Visit To Arlington Cemetery,
Promptly Heads To Play Golf For 70th Time Since Taking Office

Obama Lands In MO, Pauses for Photos, Then Heads To Joplin For 10 Minute Speech…
And More Photos Before Flying Back To DC

Obama Sits In Front Row And Chomps Gum At Joplin Memorial Service (Video)

 House Creates ‘Web Police’ Post, Part 1

Active Military And Veterans Hold Less Favorable
View Of Obama’s Performance As President

Memorial Day

Memorial Day: We Honor Warriors While Surrendering Our Civilization

Honoring The Fallen: Troops Fighting In Afghanistan
Remember Their Comrades In Candlelit Memorial Day Services


They Must Not Be Forgotten:
A Tribute To The More Than 540 Lost This Past Year

PODCAST: The History Of Memorial Day

A Gold Star Mother’s Thoughts On Memorial Day

 ‘Duty, Honor, Country’

Happy Memorial Day/ Tea Are The World


Barney’s Boyfriends, Massachusetts Lawmaker Caught In Scandal….Again

Schumer Proposes Rationing Through One-Size-Fits-All Payments For Sick Seniors

DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz Has No Clue That ‘Undocumented’ Immigrants
Being In Our Country Is Currently A Crime And Attacks GOP For Trying To Act Like It Is

Democrat-Activist Media

WeinerGate: MSM Ignores Trifecta Of Sex, Politics, And A Rising Political Star

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: Netanyahu Should Have Thanked Obama For Mideast Speech

MSNBC To Obama Advisor: Wouldn’t Palin Running Be The Best News

Independent: Sesame Street’s Pinko Puppets Brainwash Our Kids

NYT’s “Reincarnation Of Pro-Life” Desperately Hopes Roe Will Rise From The Ashes

Liberal Media Quotes:  Need “Courage” To Raise Taxes;
Tea Party Nothing But “Haters”

Sunday Highlights: CBS’s Smith Wonders If Tea Party ‘Losing’ Its Appeal,
More Pleas To Raise Taxes


Islamists Project Islam’s Worst Traits Onto Christians

Conversion, Adultery, And Savagery Strike Egypt

Why Muslim Cultures Lag Behind



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