Must Know Headlines


Obama’s USA: Land Of  The Lawless

Unions Are Major Recipients Of Obama Health Care Waivers

Al-Jazeera Footage Captures
‘Western Troops On The Ground’ In Libya

San Francisco Sheriff May Refuse To Hold Illegals

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama’s Close Friend Bernardine Dohrn: America Is A Terrorist Empire

Obama Golfs For 9th Weekend In A Row & 70th Time In 2 Years

Europe Becomes Obama’s Re-Election Campaign ‘Prop’

On Memorial Day Obama Honors Fallen Troops At
Tomb Of Unknown Solder For An Hour… Then Golfs For 4 Hours

Intel Report: Kenyans Honor Obama’s ‘Birthplace’

Democrat-Activist Media

6 Things The Mainstream Media Would Say
About Obama If He Were A Republican

NBC’s Gregory: Paul Ryan Is ‘Hurting The
Republican Party’ With Medicare Reform Push

Wrong, Rachel – US Began Negotiating With
Aide To Mullah Omar Before Bin Laden’s Death

Day After Joe Klein Says Obama Closer To Military
Than Bush Poll Finds Military Don’t Like Obama

Huffington Post/AOL Bury #Weinergate Story

NPR Assumes ‘Climate Change’ Caused Joplin, Missouri Tornadoes,
Then Asks Theory’s Deniers To Explain Why They Deny It

Facebook, Twitter Block Saudi Woman Driver’s Pages


Muslim Girl, 19, “Stoned To Death After Taking Part In Beauty Contest,”
Murderers Claim Death Was Justified Under Islam

Iranian Spiritual Leader: It’s OK To Kill Israeli Children

Pakistan: Christian Woman Gang-Raped By
Muslim Kidnappers, Tombs Desecrated

Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Candidate For
Presidency Favors Shari’a, End To Peace With Israel

13-Year-Old Syrian Boy Allegedly
Tortured For Anti-Gov’t Protest

 Egypt Rushes Toward Sharia And War

Hamas Moving HQ from Syria To Egypt, Warns Netanyahu

How Unscrupulous Muslims At UCLA
Used “Islamophobia” To Silence Critics Of Islamic Terror
And Extort The Student Body In The Process

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