Must Know Headlines


Dow Plunges Into Longest Weekly Losing Streak Since 2004 As Obama Blames
‘Europe, Earthquake And Gas Prices’ For Economic Woe

Americans Divided On Stealing From The Rich To Redistribute Wealth
To Lazy, Unionized, & Dependent Democrat Voters

Obama Solicitor General: If You Don’t Like Mandate, Earn Less Money

Sarah Palin: “President Obama Is Lying”

More Than Three-Fourths Of House Members Believe
Libya Operation Is Questionable, Illegal Or Unwise

Pakistan: Islamic Party Appeals To Supreme Court To Ban The Bible

Islam In U.S.

Al-Qaeda’s American Muslim Convert Adam Gadahn
Urges U.S. Muslims To Buy Guns And Start Killing Americans

81% Of US Mosques Promote Jihad

Lebanese Christian Exposes Dearborn As Racist Islamic Enclave

Hey America Those Floods Are Totally God’s Judgement Because Of Your Filth And
Abominations, Louis Farrakhan Explains How America Is Babylon

Another Muslim Leader Refuses To Condemn Hamas

Once Again, FBI’s ‘Muslim Outreach’ Welcomes Terror-Tied Man

Barack Hussein Obama

Washington: Obama Spends Yet Another Day On The Golf Course.
Afghanistan: Four US Soldiers Killed By A Roadside Bomb

No Matter How The Media Spins It, Obama Owns This Economic Crisis

Obama Monetary Policy Fueling Pain At The Pump

Untold Outrage: Obama’s Servile Negotiations With The Taliban Over Afghanistan

Teachers Union: Bad For US

NY Teacher’s Union Demand Higher Taxes

Why Is A California Teachers Union So Anti-Israel?


Obama’s Chrysler ‘Victory Lap’ A Sad Celebration

U.S. To Sell Remaining Chrysler Stake To Fiat

Democrat-Activist Media

The Media’s Sexist Sarah Palin-Michele Bachmann Shenanigans

New New York Times Boss, Same As The Old New York Times Boss

Additional Reasons Why Mark Halperin’s Omissions Of
Herman Cain At Time Are Inexcusable

Idiocy Alert: Bill Maher Falsely Claims Bush Tax Cuts Gave Rich $2.8 Trillion

CBS Complains Obama ‘Saddled’ By ‘Stubbornly Sluggish Economy’


Schools To Kids: You Can Be Boys Or Girls Or Both—
Family Groups Horrified By Mandatory ‘Gender’ Classes For Children