Must Know Headlines


White House Says It Won’t Even Bother Responding To Bipartisan House Resolution
Asking For Answers On War In Libya

Comedian Jokes About Killing Sarah Palin…
But It’s OK Because She’s A Republican

EPA Bans Many Household Rat And Mouse Poisons

Deport California’s Illegal Immigrant Prisoners

End The EPA Power Grab Completely

Want More Jobs? The Ideas Are Out There

Democrats Destroy America & Freedom

Democrat States Refuse To Enforce Federal Anti- ILLEGAL Immigration Law

CDC Misrepresents Their Crime Data To Promote Gun Control

Geithner To Foreign Countries: Please Make Your Financial Markets Less Free

According To Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich:
Obama By Decree Should Strip Companies The Government Pays Of Their
Right To Engage In Political Activities Including Funding Think Tanks

Obamacare Waivers Weren’t In Original Law, Appearance Of Political Favors Persists

 Obama’s Head In The Sand Iran Policy

Obama’s Beloved SEIU Marches With Southern California Communists
In May Day Demonstration

Top Obama Economist Goolsbee Resigns After
Less Than A Year As CEA Chairman

New ‘Reality’ TV Show To Focus On Race For 2012 Election

USDA Spending $10 Million To Promote Farmers’ Markets In Michelle Obama’s ‘Food Deserts’

Top 10 Shocking Things In Ann Coulter’s Book ‘Demonic’ That Will Drive Liberals Crazy


Assad Will Fall, But The Brotherhood May Follow

Video: Syrian Army Soldiers Joke Over Shot Civilians

U.K.: Guest Of Federation Of Student Islamic Societies Told Audience A
“Permanent State Of War Exists Between The People Of Islam
And The People Who Opposed Islam”

Weiner (D)

‘Sextee’ 1: The 40-Year-Old Las Vegas Blackjack Dealer Anthony Weiner
Sent Explicit Messages To For NINE MONTHS

Barbara Walters On Weinergate: Pics Intended For Wife;
‘This is How Much I Miss You’

Andrew Breitbart Takes Podium At Anthony Weiner
Press Conference To Challenge Media

Weiner’s Women: Congressman to Single Mom
— ‘You Are Not Stalking Me…I Am Stalking You’

Liar, Cheater, Lech Weiner Confesses, Won’t Resign: Demand it

Anthony Weiner’s Refusal To Resign Raises More Concerns About His Character

Democrat-Activist Media

GMA Hits Chris Christie’s Use Of State Chopper But Ignores Weiner Scandal

Reckless Daily Kos: ‘Clarence Thomas Used Prostitutes’

NYT Ignores ‘Salute To Israel’ Parade Accuses Walter Williams Of Making Racist Statements On Fox’s ‘Stossel’


 Glenn Beck And Mercury Radio Arts Announce GBTV
– Home Of Glenn’s NEW Two Hour Show!

Wasserman Schultz And White House Communications
Director To Speak at Nutroots Nation





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