Must Know Headlines


Figures. A Week After Obama Gives Shout Out To Ohio Restaurant
– It Goes Out of Business

Obama Administration Spends $17.4 Million To Explore Market For Carbon Credits

Suspicious Search Warrant And Raid Of Man’s Home Executed By . . .
The U.S. Department Of Education

Ann Coulter Lectures The View On Violence At The Tea Parties…
All Committed By Liberals (Video)

The Obamacare Lawsuit: From The Courtroom In Atlanta

Sole Loyalty: The Identity Politics Of Immigration Reform

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama’s EPA Regulations Will Cost Coal Industry $200 Billion &
Cause Electricity Rates To Skyrocket

Obama In 2008: Energy Prices Will Skyrocket Under My Cap And Trade Plan

Obama’s Undeclared War On America

Obama Wants American Taxpayers To Bail Out Greek Politicians
And Dig The Debt Hole Even Deeper

Pathetic: Obama Says Cutting Spending Would Dishonor American History

Iran’s Nuclear Efforts Are Accelerating On Obama’s Watch

How Obama And ACORN Are Sabotaging America


Dozens Of  ‘Incubators’ For Jihad Found In U.S.:
‘More Than 80% Of Mosques Advocate Or Promote Violence’

Second “North Carolina Man” Pleads Guilty To Providing Support To Jihadists

Christian Girl Being Sexually Abused To Make Her Convert To Islam

Muslim Leaders: In Egypt We Want An Islamic State

UK: Bill Limiting Sharia Law Is Motivated By ‘Concern For Muslim Women’


PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas: ‘We Refuse To Recognize A Jewish State’

Israel Is Cancer and Must Be Uprooted:
New Hamas Rep To Tehran, Ultimate Goal Is To Destroy The Zionist Regime

Demand President Barack Hussein Obama To Stop Supporting A Hamas Government


Crony Capitalism: General Motors CEO Calls For Higher Fuel Prices

Democrat-Run Senate Kills Delay Of Lower Debit Card Fees

Florida’s AG Bondi: Obamacare Penalty Labeled Tax

New Head Of Democratic Campaign Cmte Ran Abortion Business

Looking Worse For Weiner: X-Rated Photo, Wife Pregnant

Pelosi Blames GOP For Unemployment [Video]

 Democrat-Activist Media

Weiner’s Case Shows Media’s Double Standard

AP Goes Vague On GM’s Akerson Aching For ‘As Much As’ $1 A Gallon Gas Tax Hike

Lawrence O‘Donnell And Dem Congressman Actually Do A Segment Attacking
Palin’s Bus Tour Based On 10-Year-Old Piper Palin Saying She Was On Vacation

CNN Host Slams The Tea Party: “Not The Brightest,” Akin To Hitler’s Mobs?

AP ‘Scoop,’ Naively Reported: WH To Form ‘Rural Council’ — As If Help Is Needed

Media Protecting “Food Stamp President” Obama By Ignoring Growing Food Stamp Crisis 


How A Teachers’ Rally Made Me Anti-Education

Even New York Goes After Public Pensions

FAIL: Left Hilariously Defends Weiner


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