Must Know Headlines


Stealing 2012: Obama Justice Department Bolsters Organized Effort
To Register Illegals, Felons And The Dead As Democrat Voters

Congress Irrelevant? War #4 Is Here In Yemen

Obama Nominee Wants To
Redistribute Our Wealth- INTERNATIONALLY

US Treasury Burns Through $90 Billion In 8 Days

Hillary Clinton ‘Wants To Quit To Run World Bank’

Yes, States May Restrict Illegal Aliens

New Revelations Of Saddam’s Terror Ties

‘Blizzard’ Of Words, But Panetta’s Actions
Will Determine National Security

Barack Hussein Obama

Why Aren’t Blacks Outraged At Obama Over Economy?

The President’s Lies About Why Employment Growth Is So Anemic

Restaurant Obama Cited Last Week As Bailout Beneficiary
Going Out Of Business

3 Years After Bitter-People-Clinging-To-Guns
Speech, Obama Creates ‘Rural Council’

U.S. Energy

Obama Keeps Promise To Kill Coal;
His New EPA Regulations Seek To Bankrupt The Industry

Thanks Barack… American Electric Cuts 600 Jobs, Closes Several Plants
To Comply With Oppressive EPA Regulations

Coal Regs Would Kill Jobs, Boost Energy Bills

Job-Killing EPA Out Of Control, Coal-State Senator Says


Hey Democrats: Why Does Weiner Have To Go, But Bill Clinton Didn’t?

3rd Graders Indoctrinated In School Budgeting By Milwaukee Teacher

Unions, Radicals Plot To Counter ‘Right-Wing Threats’ To ‘Middle Class’


Chicago Businessman Found Guilty On Two Counts In Terrorism Trial

“Ohio Man”, Age 26,  Arrested For Aiding The Jihad In Somalia

Napolitano (D) : “No Logic” In Profiling Muslim Men Under Age 35

Bush Holdover, Top Counterterrorism Chief Stepping Down

Democrat-Activist Media

Politico Erroneously Tags Retiring Rep. Dan Boren as ‘Conservative Democrat’

Palin So “Irrelevant,” Media Begs For Help In Sifting Through Her Emails

Afghan Women Facing Death Threats For Playing Soccer,
CNN Fails To Mention Islamic Fundamentalism As The Reason

Alec Baldwin’s Jaw-Dropping Defense of Anthony Weiner

Newsmag Double Standard: Two Cover Stories and 15 Pages vs. 160 Tiny Words

Privileged NYT Columnist Tom Friedman Calls For People
To Work Less, Own Less In Name of Planet


Man Who Tried To Force Abortion At Gunpoint Gets 13 Year Sentence

Stop Discrimination–Equal Protection For Unborn Children

Graphic Video Diary Shows Libyan Soldiers Shooting, Punching Rebels

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