16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Obama Golfs Second Day In A Row, 13th Straight Weekend,
And 75th Time Since Taking Office

 Amnesty Granted: DREAM Act Implemented Through Executive ICE Memo

Disgrace’: U.S. Soccer Team Faces Boos And Spanish-Language Ceremony
 In Loss To Mexico…In Los Angeles

 Black Youths March In Peoria Screaming, “We Need to Kill All White People!”

The Lives Of Our Border Agents Are In Grave Danger
Because Of Radical Environmental Regulations

 Egypt: More Christian Girls Abducted, Forced To Convert To Islam

U.N. Chief Endorses U.S.-Bashing ‘Anti-Terror’ Conference Hosted By Iran

Greece: Closer Than You Think

Barack Hussein Obama

 Obama’s TSA Makes 95 Year Old Woman In Wheelchair Remove Adult Diaper

Obama Will ‘Co-Invest’ Tax Dollars In Corporate-Government Partnership

In 2008, The US Elected And Gave  Immense Power To A Person With No Experience,
No School Records, No Verifiable Birth Certificate, 
And Paying Lawyers Millions To Keep These Details Secret

Blacks Hit Hardest By Obama’s Liberal Agenda


Union Money Flows To Democrats In Wis. Recalls

Wisconsin Battle Moves From Collective Bargaining To School Choice

 New Wisconsin Budget Cuts Funding From Planned Parenthood


‘Gunwalker’ Scandal And The Case For Impeaching Holder

Congressional Staffers Received $6.1 Million In Bonuses

Biggest Spending House Speaker In History: Tax Cuts Produce Deficits, Not Jobs

George Soros And The Muslim Brotherhood

Democrat-Activist Media

Obama Administration Is Openly And Serially Flouting The Law – And The Media Says…

Sucker Punch Squad: ‘Good Christian Bitches’ Pilot Script Bigoted Against Christians

Video Round-Up: Advocacy, Elitism, And A Healthy Dose Of Crazy From Our MSM

Survey: Nearly Half Of Voters Think Reporters Are More Liberal Than They Are

Journalists “Recoil In Horror” At Idea Of Palin Presidency


“The United States Of Islam,” Muslim Brotherhood Figure And
Former Spokesman In The West: Establish A Global Islamic State




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