Socialist Obama Pushes Tax Hikes Because He Refuses To Stop Spending


The problem isn’t government revenue, it’s government spending. Obama and democrats refuse to stop pissing away OUR money while they print US into oblivion, making the dollar eventually worthless. And they know it. It’s all part of the plan. Destroy capitalism and rebuild it into Obama’s perfect socialist utopia where everything is regulated, controlled, and paid for by the socialists in the White House.


President Obama called on Republicans Wednesday to drop their opposition to tax increases, saying “everybody else” is sacrificing their “sacred cows” for deficit reduction, GOP lawmakers should be willing to do the same.

Obama isn’t sacrificing anything. Last weekend Obama golfed for 13 weekends in a row,  2 days in a row, and for the 75th time since taking office. Michelle Obama is on another trip. This time to S. Africa and it cost taxpayers between $700,000-$900,000 .

The president also warned that Washington will soon run up against a “hard deadline” to strike a budget deal and raise the debt ceiling, rejecting suggestions that the situation is not as dire as the Treasury Department makes it out to be.

Obama chooses to raise taxes instead of cutting spending, typical socialist a.k.a democrat.

Though some Republicans claim the Aug. 2 deadline — the date when Treasury warns the U.S. will face default if the cap is not raised — is not firm, Obama warned that it is a serious deadline and that failing to raise the cap could cause investors to pull out of the U.S., leading Treasury to raise interest rates.

“The consequences for the U.S. economy will be significant and unpredictable,” Obama said, while he denied engaging in “scare tactics.” “Aug. 2 is a very important date and there’s no reason why we can’t get this done now.” ……….

But Democrats, including Obama, continue to push hard for raising taxes as part of the deal, while Republicans are adamantly opposed to anything that resembles a tax hike. Senate Democrats said at a press conference Wednesday afternoon that the votes may not be there to support a budget deal if revenue increases are not included.  READ MORE


Yes, and Obama and democrat spending dwarfed Bush’s. Middle class hit hardest. We are not free in the US, we have become slaves to the local, state, and especially the federal government. The U.S. needs to decrease taxes, not raise them. It has been proven that government revenue greatly increases when taxes are cut.

Note to Obama: Raising taxes does not create jobs.


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