Must Know Headlines


Obama: Cut Defense Spending As Opposed To Food Stamps

Tea Party Isn’t Causing The Debt Crisis

 Worse Than Gunwalker?  Obama’s State Dept. Allegedly Sold Guns To Zetas

 Bachmann’s Right: All Should Pay Taxes

More Than 100 IRS Workers Committed Tax Credit Fraud

Barack Hussein Obama

Automakers Balk At Obama Fuel Efficiency Plan;
Ford Exec Drops F-Bomb On GM In Upcoming Book

Obama Escalates His War On America: Demands Higher Fuel Efficiency
Standard From Automakers — 220,000 Jobs On The Block

No Plan’ Obama SLAMS GOP –
Says GOP Is Not Serious About Cutting Debts & Deficit (Video

Obama Blames ‘Splintered’ News Media  For
Lack of Compromise In Washington

Spending Cuts

Boehner: Obama The One Who Walked Away

Angry Obama Demands Tax Increases Or No Deal

Democrats Fail To Cut Spending

 20 Democrats Said They Supported a Balanced Budget – They Lied (Video)

Deficit Negotiations Break Down Over Taxes


Report: Democrat Rep. David Wu Admits Sexual Encounter
With Donor’s Young Daughter

Deranged Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz Goes After Allen West

 Planned Parenthood Hiding Plans For Late Abortions In Virginia Beach


Bloodied and Battered: See The Incredible Pictures Of The Oslo Blast Victims

Jihad Groups Take Credit & Applaud Oslo Attack

Islamic Internet Forums Cheer Norway Murders

Democrat-Activist Media

 CNN Ignores Own Poll Results Showing Strong Support For ‘Cut, Cap, And Balance’

Breaking News Misidentifies Congressman At Center Of Sex Scandal As GOP

Media Blackout: Nets Ignored Popular Cut, Cap, Balance Bill

Sexist Media Scrutinize Bachmann’s Migraines, Ignore Obama’s Smoking

 Down Syndrome Advocates Silent On Maher Trashing Trig Palin

Herman Cain Got It Right On The Right To Ban Mosques


Latest Al-Qaida Magazine Touts Gains And Losses


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