Must Know Headlines


Anti-War Group Scrubs Website Of Involvement With Muslim Soldier
Arrested For Plotting Second Ft. Hood Terror Attack

 Obama Administration Will Announce Which Bills Will Be Paid,
Which Not, After Markets Close On Friday

Giuliani Slams Obama On Debt Crisis, Social Security Scare

ATF: The White House Knew

Higher Fuel Standards Mean Higher Death Toll

Red States, Including The ‘Newly-Reds,’ Excel At Job Growth

US Troops In Mideast Told To Abide By Sharia Law During Ramadan

Self Professed Communist Van Jones Compares ‘Un-American’ GOP To Terrorists;
Putting ‘Gun To Head Of 310 Million People’

Analysis Of NASA Satellite Data Suggests UN Climate Models Are Full Of Hot Air

Hillary Clinton Opposes State Dept Bill Over Abortion $$$$$$$ Cuts


Boehner’s New Plan Doesn’t Cut Spending

 Tea Party Holds The Line; Boehner
Tries Again To Find Debt Compromise

Bachmann: I Won’t Vote For Boehner Plan

The 14th Amendment Truth:
It Doesn’t Give Obama The Power To Raise The Debt Limit 

Jackson Lee  (D) Urges Obama To Use 14th Amendment

Congress Fails To Put Military Pay First,
Effectively Joining Obama’s Threats To Our Heroes

Americans For Prosperity Opposed To Both The Boehner And
Reid Plans To Increase The Debt Ceiling

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama’s Exclusive George Soros Waivers

Obama’s Continued Denial Of Illegal Fundraising Questions

Business Leaders Air Growing Unhappiness With Obama

Fort Hood

Fort Hood II Foiled

Muslim Soldier Arrested For Plotting Second Ft. Hood Terror Attack
Had Left-Wing Fan Base

Did You Know? First Ft. Hood Gunman Is Still
Getting Paycheck From The Government

“AWOL Fort Campbell Soldier” Admits Plans For Massacre At Fort Hood

Democrat-Activist Media

NYT’s Paul Krugman Blames The Debt Ceiling Crisis On The Lack
Of Liberal Bias In The Mainstream Media

Associated Press Uses Polling Firm That Favors Obama

 White House’s Hatred Of Fox Spills Into Debt Presser 

CNN Incorrectly Hypes Seniors’ Fears Of Social Security Default

NBC Highlights Sniping at Boehner Debt Plan, No Criticism of Dems

The Gray Lady’s Sexual Agenda Revealed

Brian Williams Demands Of Mitch McConnell: ‘Why Shouldn’t Rich Folks Pay More?’

Indiewire’s Anthony Kaufman Still Struggling With ‘Black Republicans’

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