Must Know Headlines


Top 10 Examples Of Government Stupidity

Amnesty Legislation Still The Wrong Answer For Responsible Immigration Reform

Wisconsin: The Death Of Collective Bargaining Saved The State Overnight

Economic ‘Growth’ At A Near Standstill

 The Fast & Furious Scandal Keeps Getting Uglier

U.S. Report: Iraq Deadlier Now Than One Year Ago

Northern Virginia Mayors Blame Feds For Putting
Local Governments, Economies At Risk

Babies Born Alive In Toilets At Abortion Center, Left To Die


Democrats Call Conservatives Hostage Takers, Villains, Terrorists

Democrats — With No Bill Of Their Own — Point Accusing Finger At Republicans

Pathetic: Senate Kills Boehner Plan, Reid Obstructs His Own Bill

Pelosi: GOP Connecting Debt Limit To Reducing Deficit ‘Appalling’ 

 Barack Hussein Obama

As A Governing Strategy, Hope Can Only Go So Far

Force Obama Not To Vote Present

Liberal Fundraising Groups Raise $10 Million For Obama, Democrats

Obama Loses More Than 40,000 Followers On Twitter
During His Tweeted Debt Battle With Republicans

GOP Rep: Obama Wants Us To Take “Pitchforks” To A “Rich Guy’s House And Take His Stuff”

Fort Hood II

Muslim Solider Arrested For Plans To Attack Fort Hood

Major Islamic Attack On Fort Hood Thwarted: “Very Devoutly Religious”

Muslim Soldier Who Plotted New Jihad Mass Murder At Fort Hood Shouts
“Nidal Hasan Fort Hood 2009” While Leaving Courtroom

New York Times Downplays Muslim Fort Hood Terror Plotter

Democrat-Activist Media

 Media’s Disgraceful Coverage Of Debt-Ceiling Debate

Fareed Zakaria Flat Out Lies About Deficits, Debt Ceiling And U.S. Credit Rating

GOP’s ‘Cut, Cap and Balance’ Mostly Just Cut By Media

 GDP Media Coverage, Part 2: Time’s Error-Prone Embarrassment


Google Continues To Spy On Unsuspecting Citizens


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