Must Know Headlines


If Obama Administration Really Expects To Create Jobs
Why Is Labor Secretary Solis Speaking AAnti-Capitalist Rallies?

 During Month-Long Debt Talks, Liberal Media Savaged Tea Party Conservatives
As Ignorant, Irrational, Irresponsible And Even Terrorists

Tucson Newspaper Political Cartoonist Fantasized About Obama Sending SEALs
 To Assassinate Tea Party Republicans

Unhinged Chris Matthews Smears Tea Party Republicans
As Baby-Kidnapping ‘Terrorists’ For Debt Deal

Another Islamist Soldier Turns Terrorist In Texas

Sarah Palin: Quite Appalling To Be Called A Terrorist By The Vice President

Barack Hussein Obama & VP Joe Biden

Barack Obama Attends His $35,800-Per-Person Fundraising Birthday Party

Obama To Celebrate Birthday With Millionaires, Billionaires
And Corporate Jet Owners (Video)

Biden Collects Rent From Secret Service:
$2,200 A Month For Cottage Use

 Obama Sues Alabama Over Immigration Law

Joe Biden Likened Tea Partiers To Terrorists

Vice President Joe Biden On Gabrielle Giffords:
“She’s Now A Member Of The Cracked Head Club Like Me”


Obama Administration Orders Insurers To Pay For
Women’s Health Screenings, Contraception

Cost Shifting On The Increase Under Obamacare

ObamaCare’s Most Frightening Consequence: Not Enough Doctors

How ObamaCare Threatens Solvency Of Health Insurers


Kerry: Tea Party A “Group Of Absolutists” Who Don’t Understand What They’re Doing

Following Joe Biden’s Lead… Al Sharpton Calls The Tea Party
A “Monster” That Will “Destroy You” (Video)

Sen. Menendez: Congress Held Hostage By “Tea Party Tyrants”

Harkin: ‘GOP Holding Our Nation Hostage’–Calls GOP Tactics ‘Blackmail’

 Matt Damon Desperately Needs A Teleprompter

Debt Deal

Compromise Passes House: $2.4 Trillion More In Debt

Debt Ceiling Deal Guts Defense Spending To Pay For Politics

Debt Ceiling: Anything But Spending Cuts

Debt Deal: Spending In Perspective

Left-Wing Protesters Interrupt House Proceedings On Debt Deal

A Big Victory For The Tea Party?  Not If  The Result Is A Big Tax Hike


Paul Krugman Says Debt 90% of GDP Is Fine & US Credit Rating Downgrade Doesn’t Matter


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