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All 6 Democrats On Deficit-Reduction Panel Earned ‘F’s From Taxpayers’ Union

Dow Plunges Over 500 Points For Third Time In Last 5 Trading Days

$3.3 Trillion Vaporized From U.S. Stocks Since April 29th, 2011

White House Dismisses Fed Figures On Bush Tax Cuts

HHS: Obamacare-Funded Health Centers For ‘Migrants’
Won’t Check Immigration Status

UK Riots

Socialism Created The UK Rioters

UK Riots Expose Media Muck: Media Outlets With
History Of Anti-Israel Bias Are Also Part Of Much Deeper Malaise

Post: London Riots Caused By Cuts To “Youth Centers”

‘We’re Getting Our Taxes Back’: UK TV Reporter
Confronts Looters In ‘Lovely’ Neighborhood

In Online Forums, Muslims Urge U.K. Rioters To Topple Government

Democrat-Activist Media

Dionne: Every Time We Add Private Sector Jobs, We’re Losing Public Jobs (Video)

Newsweek’s Tina Brown Offers No Apology, Doubles Down On ‘Crazy’ Bachmann Cover

Flashback: Newsweek’s Adulatory 2008 Obama Cover Portraits

Matthews’ Shameless Smear: Rush Wants To
End Integration Of Schools And Military

Time Magazine Joins The Jihad

Sharpton’s NBC News Co-Workers Deny TelePrompter Involvement In Epic Flub

Barack Hussein Obama

Medicare Actuary: Obamacare Will Triple The Growth Rate Of Net Insurance Costs

Obama Finds Time In His Busy Schedule To Fit In Two $35,800-Per-Person NYC Fundraisers

Obama Schedule || Thursday, August 11, 2011

Afghan Helicopter Attack Is Obama’s Fault

Obama Still Blaming Bush

Following A Saudi Lead On Syria

Obama-Funded Revived Mujahidin Faction Emerges In The Gaza Strip

Bin Laden Film: Hollywood And White House Exploit Our Special Operators

Bin Laden’s Death Has Not Affected Battleground In Afghanistan,
U.S. Commander Says


Ex-Planned Parenthood Director Praises China’s One-Child Policy

The Politics Of Liberals Bashing Obama

BREAKING: ‘Banana Republic’ ACORN Hit With Maximum Fine In Voter Fraud Scheme


Suspected Honor Killing Of Fatima Abdallah Investigation Continues In Tampa

Minnesota: Muslim Workers Going To EEOC To Force
More Accommodations From H.J. Heinz Co.

US Muslim Man Pushed Attacks On Jewish Schools, Daycare