Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines


No, More Gov’t Spending Isn’t The Answer

Obama Visits Corporation Where His Stimulus Created
‘Green’ Jobs At $2 Million Per Job

Deficit Averaged $110 Billion Per Month So Far In 2011

WI  Vote Proves Collective Bargaining And Government Don’t Mix

Special Interests Gave Millions To Budget Panel

Get Ready For More Money-Printing: ‘QE3 May Be Coming After All’

UK Rioters: Years Of Liberal Dogma Have Spawned A Generation Of Amoral,
Uneducated, Welfare Dependent, Brutalised Youngsters

US Military

Photos Of The Fallen: Americans Shot Down In Afghanistan

U.S. Soldiers Deliver Sheep For Ramadan Slaughter In Afghanistan

US Death Toll Mounts: Bomb Kills Five U.S. Troops In Afghanistan

Barack Hussein Obama

Every Single One: The Politicized Hiring Of Eric Holder’s Immigration Office

Failed President Obama Urges Voters To Scold Republicans…
Then Flies Off  To 2 Fundraisers

Obama Promises New Ideas On Jobs ‘Every Week’

WH Photo Violates SEALs Families’ Wishes

Obama Schedule || Friday, August 12, 2011

Jay Carney (D) Bashes WSJ Reporter,
Claims Unemployment Checks Create Jobs

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC Ignores Failure of $14 Million Effort By Liberals
To Recall Wisconsin’s GOP State Senators

Scarborough Slams Bachmann As ‘A Joke’

AP: Unemployment Claims Dip To Pre-Revised 395K Is ‘Good News,’ Alone Moved  Markets

CNN: When Not A Jesus Freak, Perry Just Bush In Disguise

Post “Fact Checker” Ignores Facts In Bachmann Hit Piece

Oprah’s ‘Favorite Thing’ Is Obama In 2012


SEIU To Piss Away $1.5 Million In Member Dues With GOP Attack Ads

Left Is Freaking Because Obama Proves Liberalism Doesn’t Work

Stimulus Dollars Snapped Up To Fund Teen Alligator Wrestlers

Democrat Jews Have A Choice To Make:
Condemn CodePink, Or Own CodePink!

George Soros Sued For $50M By 28-Year-Old Ex-Girlfriend;
Says He Slapped, Choked Her While In Bed


Al-Qaida Fights Back In North Africa

China: Businesses Sell Aborted Babies As Stamina Booster Pills

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