Must Know Headlines


No, More Gov’t Spending Isn’t The Answer

Obama Visits Corporation Where His Stimulus Created
‘Green’ Jobs At $2 Million Per Job

Deficit Averaged $110 Billion Per Month So Far In 2011

WI  Vote Proves Collective Bargaining And Government Don’t Mix

Special Interests Gave Millions To Budget Panel

Get Ready For More Money-Printing: ‘QE3 May Be Coming After All’

UK Rioters: Years Of Liberal Dogma Have Spawned A Generation Of Amoral,
Uneducated, Welfare Dependent, Brutalised Youngsters

US Military

Photos Of The Fallen: Americans Shot Down In Afghanistan

U.S. Soldiers Deliver Sheep For Ramadan Slaughter In Afghanistan

US Death Toll Mounts: Bomb Kills Five U.S. Troops In Afghanistan

Barack Hussein Obama

Every Single One: The Politicized Hiring Of Eric Holder’s Immigration Office

Failed President Obama Urges Voters To Scold Republicans…
Then Flies Off  To 2 Fundraisers

Obama Promises New Ideas On Jobs ‘Every Week’

WH Photo Violates SEALs Families’ Wishes

Obama Schedule || Friday, August 12, 2011

Jay Carney (D) Bashes WSJ Reporter,
Claims Unemployment Checks Create Jobs

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC Ignores Failure of $14 Million Effort By Liberals
To Recall Wisconsin’s GOP State Senators

Scarborough Slams Bachmann As ‘A Joke’

AP: Unemployment Claims Dip To Pre-Revised 395K Is ‘Good News,’ Alone Moved  Markets

CNN: When Not A Jesus Freak, Perry Just Bush In Disguise

Post “Fact Checker” Ignores Facts In Bachmann Hit Piece

Oprah’s ‘Favorite Thing’ Is Obama In 2012


SEIU To Piss Away $1.5 Million In Member Dues With GOP Attack Ads

Left Is Freaking Because Obama Proves Liberalism Doesn’t Work

Stimulus Dollars Snapped Up To Fund Teen Alligator Wrestlers

Democrat Jews Have A Choice To Make:
Condemn CodePink, Or Own CodePink!

George Soros Sued For $50M By 28-Year-Old Ex-Girlfriend;
Says He Slapped, Choked Her While In Bed


Al-Qaida Fights Back In North Africa

China: Businesses Sell Aborted Babies As Stamina Booster Pills