Must Know Headlines


Dow Plunges Another 400 Points – Obama Vacations

Inflation Roars As Consumer Prices Surge

Vilsack Again: Food Stamps Helped ‘Job Growth’ Over Last 17 Months

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Leaves For 10-Day Vacation

Obama’s Vineyard Vacation Will Cost Taxpayers Millions

Obama Supports Muslim Brotherhood Takeover Of Syria

Prepping For Debt Plan, Obama Calls For ‘Shared Sacrifice’

Sorry Unemployed Americans, Obama Giving Amnesty & Work Permits To ILLEGAL Immigrants

Black Caucus: Tired Of Making Excuses For Obama

2010: Man begs for money in Chicago as Obama's SUV drives away

Obama’s Million Dollar Tour Buses Made In USA  Canada

Top Black Dem On Obama Bus Tour: “He’s Not In Any Black Community”

Obama Will Run On How Good His Record Would Have
Been If Not For Those Obstructionist Republicans

Obama: We Need To Get A Handle On Long Term Debt So We Can Pay For Jobs Programs Now


DOJ Will Not Investigate Attack Of Civil Rights Activist

Report: Obama Justice Dept. Investigating Standard & Poor’s

Outgoing Obama ‘Car Czar’ Makes Yet Another Communist Reference

U.S. Government Investing $500M In Solar Power Projects—In India

Sentencing ACORN: The Lawless Gang Is Caught And Convicted For Voter Fraud

EPA’s  New Ozone Rules Overburden Local Governments 

Union Thugs Strike Again

Another Union Power Grab

Democrat-Activist Media

NBC Frets Over Tea Party “In Your Face” Tactics, Mum On Ohio Union Shooting

George Stephanopoulos Scolds Companies Who Relocate Overseas
Because of High Taxes: ‘Unpatriotic’

Associated Press Dismisses Perry’s Global Warming Thoughts As Unscientific

NYT Dubiously Claims Buffett Tax Hikes Would Raise Revenues,
Falsely Claims  Taxes At Historic Low

Liberal Hollywood Shortchanges Actresses

Another Al-Jazeera Journalist Suspected Of Terror Ties 


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