16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Tea Party Copycat Obama Launches ‘We the People’ Initiative

President Obama Acting Like King George III

Flash Mob Football… Thugs Assault Referee After Controversial Call At Kid’s Game

August: Deadliest Month For U.S. In Afghanistan Since September 11th

California Bill To Fund College For Illegal Immigrants Advances

Ratio Of Takers To Givers Reaches A Tipping Point


Solar Panel Company Obama Touted As Example Of Green Energy & Jobs Goes Bankrupt:
Received $535 Million From Stimulus, Over 1,100 Will Lose Jobs

Obama Labor Boss Buys Canadian-Built Car

AFL-CIO Head Sees No Short-Term Debt Crisis, Calls For More Jobs Spending

Labor Department Agreements Protect Illegal Workers

Gibson CEO: Obama Administration Told Us Our Problems Would Go Away
If We Used Madagascar Labor (Audio) Instead Of American Labor

Rep. Carson On Camera: ‘I Stand On The Truth Of What I Spoke’—
Said TEA PARTY Wants To Hang Blacks

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis: Not My Job To Second-Guess NLRB

The Unemployment Empty Promise

Barack Obama & Democrats

Obama Regime Targets Enemies

Justice’s New War Against Lenders 

Obama Gives Free Rein To Union Thugs

The Unsustainable Cost Of Local Pensions

How ObamaCare Plays Games With Your Life

Fast And Furious Cover-Up Shifts Into Second Gear

Marking 9/11: Obama Aides Defend ‘Talking Points’

 Official: Obama’s Illegal Uncle First Ordered Deported In 1992

 Democrat-Activist Media

Media Come To Obama’s Aid On Economy

MSNBC Anchor Was Sitting At Same Table As Rep. Carson When
He Said Tea Partiers Want To Lynch Blacks. Never Reported It

Journalists Warned: Beware Of Conservative Bloggers Who Will Target You

HuffPo Stoops To New Lows In Beck Attack

Liberal Blogger Admits He Fabricated Bachmann ‘White People’ Video

Joe Scarborough Proclaims: ‘Of Course’ Rick Perry ‘Can’t Get Elected’

How The Left Conquered Wikipedia, Part II: Coddling Progressives

George Clooney: Obama’s Smarter Than Anybody You Know


Tulsa Police Captain Suspended For Not Attending ‘Mosque Appreciation Day’

Stop  Using Tax Dollars To Fund Big Green Lawsuits

Islamist Killer Says Hollywood Film “Redacted” Motivated Him To Slaughter US Soldiers

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