Must Know Headlines


CEO Blows Away Congressional Hearing:
‘I Was Fined For Hiring Too Many People!’

Orrin Hatch: 35 States Got Less Stimulus
Money For Infrastructure Than Solyndra

Top Obama Bundler & Solyndra Investor George Kaiser
Boasts Of Cashing In On Stimulus Funds (Video)

Texas Tea Party Activists To Perry: Hey, What About Our Borders?

CASA de Maryland: The Illegals’ ACORN

Gov’t Lies About Social Security Hide The Fraud

Police Raid IHOP Locations In Ohio And Indiana

Ground Zero Mosque Opens For Business

 Fast & Furious

Secret Fast And Furious Tapes Spring A Watergate-Sized Leak

 Gunwalker’s Body Count Grows,
Along With The Obama Administration’s Cover-Up

Barack Obama

The President’s “Debt Reduction”: $1.6 Trillion In Tax Hikes,
Almost No Net Spending Reductions

Obama’s Slander Against The Rich

Obama’s Plan: Buying Votes From Financially Jealous People

His Biggest Big Lies


Republicans To Obama: The Whole Country Can Be Rich

Sen. McConnell: If Buffett Wants To Pay More Taxes, Who’s Stopping Him?

What Will Congress Do To Stop Obama’s Red Tape Explosion?

Boehner, GOP Urge Bernanke To Refrain From Further Stimulus


Obama Administration Seeks To Close Gitmo Before 2012 Elections

Dean: Employers Will Drop Coverage Under Obamacare

Taxpayers Foot The Bill For Justice Department’s $16 Muffins

Is the US Department Of Labor About To Develop
Hit Lists Of Individuals To Be Targeted By Unions?

Planned Parenthood: 38.4% of Its Income Comes From Abortions

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC News Provides Infomercial For Obama’s ‘Buffett Rule’ Tax Hike

New Season Of ‘Glee’ To More Aggressively Target Conservatives

MSNBC’s Bashir Suggests Founding Fathers Would Favor Tax Increases On The Wealthy

Rachael Ray And Joy Behar Gush Over Bill Clinton: ‘Charming,’ ‘Brilliant,’ ‘Honest’

David Gregory Whines: If GOP Doesn’t Agree to Tax Hikes,
‘Mired’ Washington ‘Going Nowhere Yet Again’


Muslim Students Who Shouted Down Israeli Ambassador At
UC Irvine Now Say They Never Intended To Halt His Speech

Court Tosses Out Al-Qaida Plotter’s Sentence

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