Must Know Headlines


Obama To Attend Not One, Not Two, Not Three
But Four Re-Election Fundraisers Today


House Majority Leader Cantor: Obama’s Jobs Package Is Dead

Democrats Tax The Poor With The “Durbin Fee”

The U.S. Can Become The ‘Saudi Arabia Of Oil’ By 2020,
Entrepreneur Says…But Is Obama Listening?

Barack Obama

Green Jobs’ Farm In Colorado Sheds Jobs After
Receiving $200M In Stimulus Funds

Obama Says He Can Stop Bank Of America
From Making ‘A Certain Amount Of Profit’

Obama: No Regrets About Solyndra Loan

Michelle Says Bank Discriminated Against Barack’s Grandmother,
Who Was Promoted To Bank VP and Held Bank Stock

Obama Warned Not To Visit Failed Solar Panel Plant

Levin: Obama With New Black Panthers Destroys
Media Story Perry And The N-Word Rock

Shocking Photos: Barack Obama Appeared And Marched
With New Black Panthers In 2007


George Lopez: Cain ‘Darker Than Obama, But Whiter On The Inside’

NEA Launches Self-Serving Ad Campaign For Obama Jobs Bill

Energy Official Praised Solyndra Before FBI Bust

Self Professed Communist, Ex-Obama Green Czar,
 Van Jones Urges Liberals To ‘Steal’ Tea Party Plan

Democrat-Activist Media

Hank Williams’s ESPN Appearance Canceled Over Obama Remark
(He Should’ve Kept to Palin Rape Jokes)

Rick Perry And The Macaca Media

MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Leads Protest During Broadcast,
Shouts At Protesters: “I Love What You’re Doing”

NBC Cheers Wall Street Protests As Liberal Version
Of Tea Party But Denounced Actual Tea Party

Anti-Capitalist Wall Street Protestors

Good Grief… Occupy Wall Street Imbeciles Release 13 Demands Including
“$20 Minimum Wage” And “Across the Board Debt Forgiveness For All”

Police Warned Protesters Of Brooklyn Bridge Arrests (VIDEO)

Occupy Wall Street” Organizer Tells Sharpton: We Are Anarchists
And Revolutionaries, “This Is The Beginning Of Revolution” In America


Pakistan And China: Strengthening Ties

Lockerbie Bomber, No Longer In
“Coma,” Says His Role Was Exaggerated

New Jihadi Book Permits Murdering Civilians

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