Must Know Headlines


 Occupy DC Protest Thugs Storm Smithsonian Air And Space Museum (Video)

Wall Street And Its Occupiers: Both State Welfare Junkies

Rewarding Illegal Immigration:
Governor Brown Signs Second Half Of California Dream Act

How Do Liberals Think They Can Hurt Corporations Without Hurting People?
They Don’t Think! 


Barack Obama

Friday: Obama Met With 1985 Bears

Saturday: Obama Hit The Links For Record-Breaking 83rd Round Of Golf
Then Went To Camp David To Relax

Obama’s Nutty Weekly Address: Millionaires Need To Pay
The Same Tax Rate As Plumbers And Bus Drivers (Video)

CBO: Obama Jobs Act Would Increase 2012 Deficit By $288 Billion


Dems Try To Blame GOP For Killing “Jobs” Bill

Gunwalker: Punch-Drunk Eric Holder Swings Back At Critics, Hits Self

 Shocking Costs Of Environmentalism


Obama Fundraiser Pushed Solyndra Loan

E-Mails: Obama Administration Ignored Legal Warnings On Solyndra Loan

Treasury Official Thought Solyndra Loan May Have Been Illegal

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC News ‘Selectively Edits’ Occupy Wall Street Mob To Look Like Victims

On NPR, Guest Compares Herman Cain To…Southern Segregationists?

ABC Hits ‘Billionaire Boosters’ Of Tea Party, Uses Liberal Film To Slam Conservatives

Arianna Vows Balanced Journalism – And Provides Little But Gush On Wall Street Protest


Virginia: Awlaki’s Old Mosque Still Preaching Jihad, Hatred And Terror

Hertz: Muslim Workers Failed To Follow Break Rules

Muslim Attacks Wisconsin Man With Tire Iron
Accusing Him Of “Criticizing His Islamic Religion”




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