Must Know Headlines


Democrats’ 900 Days Of Irresponsibility

Progressive Media Encourage Lawlessness And Anarchy

The EduJobs III Bailout

Tea Party Leader Invites Sean Penn For A Sit-Down Following Racial Rant

Feds Caught And Released 28 Iranians Who Became Fugitives Inside U.S.;
ICE Won’t Say What Happened To Them

Kasich Faces Must-Win Battle With Unions Over Collective Bargaining

Barack Obama

It’s An Obama Nation: Fewer Americans Can Afford The Basics

Obama Takes Jobs Tour To Virginia

Obama: My Taxpayer-Funded Campaign Bus “Decked Out Pretty Good”

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Obama Questions Republican’s “Sincerity” To Solve Real Problems

Occupy Wall Street

Obama-Endorsed Occupy Cleveland Protester Kidnapped And Raped

#OccupyBaltimore Discourages Sexual Assault Victims From Contacting Police,
Offers Counseling For Perpetrators

Stossel Visits Wall Street Protesters:
Protesters Shout Him Down

 1,500 OWS Arrests And Counting

 #OccupyPortland Protester Dances On Soldiers’ Monument

VP Joe Biden

Biden Wishes Opponents Of Jobs Bill Knew What It
Was Like To Be Robbed At Gunpoint Or Raped

Biden Sells Obama Jobs Bill To Fourth-Graders:
‘We’re Going To Give You Some Money’ To Hire Teachers 

Democrat-Activist Media

CBS Touts Wall Street Protesters’ Music As ‘Tool For Social Justice’

Keeping Him Honest: MRC Study Finds Debate Moderator
Anderson Cooper Hits GOP 8 Times More Than Democrats

NY Times Sheds More Tears For Palestinian Terrorist Killers Than For Giilad Schalit

Keith Olbermann: Paid $10 Million To Lose Viewers

Anderson Cooper: When Tonight’s Debate Moderator Talks About
‘Keeping Them Honest,’ He Doesn’t Mean Obama

Another Actor, Another Baseless Tea Party Racism Claim


Muslim Shouts “You’re All Going To Die, Allahu Akbar” On Southwest Flight,
Plane Makes Emergency Landing

Hyatt Cancels Tea Party Event On Islam





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