16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Flashback: Obama’s Failed Stimulus Cost More Than 9 Year Iraq War

Fareed Zakaria: Iraq Withdrawal Is Victory For Iran

 Silicon Valley Makes A Big Investment In Obama’s Reelection

Left’s War On Legal Immigration And Voter Integrity

Expensive USAJobs.gov Overhaul Leaves Users
Frustrated, Private Companies Offering Help

Smart Meters: Stimulus-Funded Devices
Benefit Green Lobby At Consumers’ Expense

New Study Shows Large Gang Presence In U.S. Armed Forces


Hillary Yucks It Up After Killing Qaddafi

Sebelius Admin Destroyed Records In Case Against Planned Parenthood

Biden’s Criminal Lies

Three Years, $4 Trillion, And ‘All the Right Choices’ Later;
Another Near-Bankruptcy Milestone, It’s Hardly An Accident

Solyndra to Auction Assets, But Taxpayers Won’t See A Dime

Did You Know Feds Will Temporarily Cut Off All
TV And Radio Broadcasts On Nov. 9?

 Fisker Flight: Auto Start-Up Given $529 Million Loan
Courtesy Of US Taxpayers Heads For The Finnish Line

Barack Obama

Obama Campaign Seizes On Iraq

Congressman Allen West Questions The President’s Motive For Iraq Withdrawl

Huh? Obama: My ‘Drawdown in Iraq Allowed Us’ To Get Bin Laden

Top 10 Bad Signs For Obama

Occupy Whatever

NYU Professor Encourages OWS To Overthrow Capitalism

Occupy Oakland: It’s This “Fucked-Up System That Makes Us Racist And Violent”

Big Labor Steps Up Its Material Support For ‘Occupy’ Protests

Muslim Brotherhood Hamas-Linked CAIR’s Anti-American Prayers
At #Occupy Wall Street

Former Polish President Won’t Attend #OccupyWallStreet
After Citizen Journalists Expose Its Radical Roots

Networks Ignore OWS Comedy Gold

Iranian Students Demonstrate In Solidarity With Occupy Wall Street Leftists:
“Down With The United States,” “Death To Israel,” “Down With Capitalism

Canadian At OWS Scales 70 Foot Sculpture; Calls For Bloomberg Resignation 

Democrat-Activist Media

Paul Krugman’s Big Wet Kiss To The Left: ‘Thank You, OWS’

 N***erhead: Race-Baiting Sarah Silverman Finishes Smear-Job ‘Washington Post’ Started

Under Fire, The Washington Post Quietly Scrubs Their Marco Rubio Hit-Piece

 WaPo Ombudsman Hits Paper For Poor Copy-Editing

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