Must Know Headlines


Six-Figure Salaries Of Public Broadcasters

 3,000 More Six-Figure Public Pensions In Calif.

California High Speed Rail Project Triples In Projected Cost,
Won’t Be Ready For 22 Years

Texas Sheriff: Drug War Violence Spilling Over

Net Neutrality Regulations Would Set Up The FCC As The Internet’s Gatekeeper

 Barack Obama

Obama Only Tells Half The Story On Oil Leases

Lawmaker Says Obama Should Return Book Profits;
State Department Paid $70,000 For His Works

 Ryan Schools Obama On America


Feinstein Uses ‘Fast And Furious’ To Make Case For National Gun Registration

Harry Reid Tells Employees: Go Green Or Work In The Dark

Pelosi: South Carolina Boeing Plant Should Unionize Or Shut Down

 Sexual Harassment And Political Correctness Are Political Tools Of Left 

What Leftism Does To People

50 Cent: Latest Apologist For President Obama


 Death Of Street Poet At #OccupyOKC Treated As Homicide

 NYC Arrest Records: Many Wall Street Protesters Live In Luxury

Yahoo Reports On Obscure Obama Zombie Letter To Bash GOP –
Refuses To Report On Child Rapes & Over 3,000 Arrests At Occupy Camps

Greedy Occupiers

OccupyWallStreet Shows An Organized Effort To Intimidate Police

Portland Police Arrest Zombie After Vandalism At Bank Of America

Cafe Owner Claims He Laid Off 21 Workers Because of Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Dallas: Man Arrested For Sexually Assaulting 14-Year-Old Girl 

Occupy Portland: Comic With Nazi Sign Drawn On MLK Forehead In Multi-Racial Tent

Report: Homeless People Make Up 30% Of Protesters At Occupy Wall Street

Blame Our Failing Schools For Occupy Wall Street

Democrat-Activist Media

Philadelphia Inquirer Headline Claims Cain Accused Of Sexual ‘Abuse’

Networks Hype Vague Cain Charges, Ignored Sexual Harassment Claims Against Clinton

Post Ignores Sexual Assaults In Wall Street Protests

Big Three Nets Omit Corzine’s Party ID As Feds Investigate His Firm

Wires Virtually Ignore Corzine’s Dem Party ID,
Rarely Associate Him With Obama Fundraising

 MSNBC Host: Why Should People Have Guns When We Have Cops

NYT Quickly Fronts Vague Cain Charges,
Ignored John Edwards Adultery Allegations Almost A Year


Hospital Told Nurses: Assist Abortions Or Lose Your Job