Must Know Headlines


Obama Supporter’s Company Wins $433 Million No-Bid
Contract For Experimental Smallpox Drug

Obamacare Fees Force Company To Cut 5% Of Workforce

January 1, 2012: The End Of The Light Bulb As We Know It 

Cain: I’ll Take Lie Detector Test When Accusers Do

Barack Obama

Obama Blames Americans For 2009 Drop In Foreign Investment

‘We’ve Been a Little Bit Lazy’: Obama Sees A Different Kind Of American Energy Crisis

Obama Votes ‘Present’ On Oil Pipeline

No Surprise: Obama Can’t Pronounce Khe Sanh

Obama Lectures Super Committee As He Headed Out Of  Town

Obama Defends Planned Parenthood Funding At Pro-Abortion Dinner

Democrat-Activist Media

NPR Runs Nasty Hit Piece On Herman Cain

On PBS, David Brooks Predicts Herman Cain Is ‘Behaving Badly’
And ‘Will Collapse ‘Within A Week Or Two’

Bill Maher: Newt Gingrich ‘Is A Fat Womanizing Blowhard’

Two Separate Journalism Guilds Back Radical Protest Movement,
But None Question Their Ethics


Occupy Wall Street Costs Local Businesses $479,400!

$1 Million Bail For Portland Bomb Suspect

Occupy Portland Protesters Prepare Weapons –
Expect Over 100 Reinforcements For Confrontation With Police

‘Occupy Portland’ Protesters Defy Eviction Orders

Smithsonian ‘Sent Representatives’ To Collect ‘Occupy’ Memorabilia
To ‘Document Spirit Of American Democracy’







Michael Moore’s Stunning Waterfront Mansion Revealed 





















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