Beyonce Sings Anti-Cop Song At Super Bowl…
After Getting Highway-Clearing Police Escort

Must Know Headlines


GE Filed 57,000-Page Tax Return, Paid No Taxes On $14 Billion In Profits

‘Patriotic Millionaires’ Demand Higher Taxes,
But Unwilling To Pay Up [MUST SEE VIDEO]

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Terrorize Small Children On
Their Way To School, Chant “Follow Those Kids!”

Michigan County Exec Feeds Seniors Slop To Pay
Enormous Severance Packages, Pamper Himself

Supercommittee Dithers On Tax Hikes – But Where Are The Spending Cuts?

ILLEGAL Immigration

Lawmakers Grill Obama Over Border Agent Trial:
Members Of Congress Say Prosecution Of Diaz ‘Sets A Dangerous Precedent’

Obama Giving Amnesty Without Congressional Support

Immigration Is Releasing Some Illegals Handed
Over by Law Enforcement in Ala., Lawmaker Says 

 Barack Obama

Energy Dept. Kickbacks Make Obama America’s Biggest Crony Capitalist… Ever

Obama’s Progressive Pastor Offers Church As Sanctuary To Occupy Protesters

Obama To Aussie Students: Our Kids Are Behind

Occupy Everything

#Occupy St. Louis Goons Storm Municipal Courts Building – Shut Down MLK Bridge (Video)

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Terrorize Small Children On
Their Way To School, Chant “Follow Those Kids!”

OWS Is A Movement Of ‘Collective Narcissism’

An Occupy Movement Based On 99% Lies

NYPD Officer Stabbed In The Hand By Occupy Wall Street

Throw Chemicals In Cops’ Eyes 

Horowitz: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are ‘Idiots’

‘The Five’ Host Says Media Is Allowing ‘Perversion Parade’ To Continue

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Portray Obama As Reaganesque

In Texas, A Tragic Miscarriage Of Justice Fails To Excite The Liberal Media

ABC Hypes Gingrich Connection To Freddie Mac, Ignores New CEO Bonuses

Dem Rep Thanks MSNBC Host For Ohio Union Advocacy

Networks Ignore Reports That White House Shooter May Have Spent Time At Occupy D.C.

Politico Falsely Claims Concealed Carry Legislation Violates State’s Laws


Planned Parenthood Abortion Director Fired, Becomes Pro-Life



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