Obama Golfs For 30th Time This Year And The 88th Golf Outing Of His Presidency


President Obama’s golf habit is a great example of media bias. President George W. Bush golfed 24 times in 8 years, and remember how the media constantly berated him for that. Not so much for Obama, and he actually “invaded” Libya and Africa with NO Congressional support.

White House Dossier:

It is an unseasonably warm 65 degrees in the Washington area, and President Obama has bolted out of the White House to go golfing.

It’s his 30th time golfing this year and the 88th golf outing of his presidency.

He’s at the Andrews Air Force base course with one of his usual crew, White House trip director Martin Nicholson, as well as Marvin’s brother Walter and Reggie Love.

Love, who is Obama’s personal assistant – or “body man” – is not usually a golfing companion. So the outing may be a farewell gift to Reggie, who is leaving by the end of the year.


  • Why can’t he use this golfing time to visit veterans at Bethesda Naval Hospital? Why can’t he visit old folks in nursing homes? Or visit kids at Children’s Hospital? Do something UNselfish and kind, maybe his poll numbers will go up.

    However, like them all, this too is an imperial Presidency in a country run by corporations so the people don’t matter.

  • You had me until corporations. The people don’t matter to Obama but corporations have nothing to do with his Socialism and power crazy madness.

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