Must Know Headlines


Obama Campaign Secretly Data Mining Voters: “Microlistening” 

 ‘They’ll Likely Send The Drone Back In Pieces’:
Dick Cheney Rips Obama For Failing To Act On Downed Spy Plane

 More Research Shows Unborn Babies Can Learn In The Womb

ILLEGAL Immigration

 L.A. Police Won’t Enforce Safety Law To Help Illegal Aliens

Sanctuary Insanity: New Haven, CT Asks State To Allow Illegal Aliens To VOTE


1,000 Days Without A Budget: Marking An Important Democrat Party Milestone

Obama Car Czar: We Never Said Taxpayers Would Get GM Bailout Money Back

Boxer: GOP Giving Americans ‘Poison’ For Christmas, Will Kill More Than 8,000 People

Democrat Legislator Calls Republican Governor “The Mexican”

 DNC Wants Voter Fraud: 
No Other Logical Reason To Oppose Needing Photo ID For Voting

Dems Prove They’re Not Really For Payroll Tax Cut

Pelosi Stands To Benefit From Pending Clean Energy Legislation

 Barack Obama

Is Obama Already On Vacation?
President Schedules Nothing But Lunch On Thursday

Obama Crony-Run LightSquared’s Network Now Shown To Disrupt Plane Safety Gear;
How Long Will Media Continue To Ignore?

Obama Takes Credit For Success Of  The “Dumb War” In Iraq

Obama’s Counting On You To Forget

Public Education

Dept. Of Labor: Public School Teachers Are Highest Paid State Workers;
Compensation Doubles The Average In Private Industry

Report: Half Of U.S. Schools Failed Federal Standards


Taxpayers Get The Bill For Occupations: $22.2M (Updated 12/14)

Occupy Portland Mother Places 4-Year-Old Daughter On
Train Tracks During Protest To Shut Down Port

OWS Protester Featured On Colbert Report Outed As Scam Artist Forger

Democrat-Activist Media

Salon Author Oozes Admiration For Marxist Wyoming Occupiers

The Moral Corruption Of Time Magazine

Capitalist Magazine  (TIME) Seeks To Reap Profit By Exploiting ’99%’ With Annual Distinction



 Run For Your Lives! Mike Malloy Sounds Alarm,
‘Republicans Are Going To Murder All Of Us’

Old Media Continues To Ignore And Bury Any Fast And Furious Developments

Piers Morgan Shills For Obama; President Has His ‘Gander’ Back

The AP’s “New Distinctiveness” Memo Points To Increased Risk Of Bias


American Muslims For Palestine’s Web of Hamas Support