Must Know Headlines


L.A. Police Won’t Enforce Safety Law To Help Illegal Aliens

Outrage! Author Of ‘Stimulus’ Linked To Companies It Helped

Congress: One Step Closer To Destroying More Of Our Freedom

Why Pay Teachers More For Poor Student Performance?


Scott Walker: Public Sector Unions And Big Government Destroy Jobs For Young People

What Union Bosses Take From Union Dues For Themselves

Unions Bully Teacher Who Publicly Supports Scott Walker

Union Gangsters: Saul Alinsky

Barack Obama

Obama: Nobody Leaves Until Payroll Tax Cut Is Extended

Michelle Obama Jets Off To Hawaii With Kids For 17 Day Vacation
Before The President Can Leave …At A Cost Of $100,000 To The Taxpayer

Obama’s Policies Are Gutting the Middle Class

Obama Is Running From His Record, But He Can’t Hide It


Pelosi: Extending Unemployment Benefits Would Create ‘600,000 Jobs’

State Dep’t Detains Traditional Values Coalition President As Threat

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Accused Of Civil Rights Violations By Justice Department

Video Shows Sebelius’ Role In Planned Parenthood Rape Coverup

Illegals Could Get Right To Vote In Conn. City

Democrat-Activist Media

Ten Months Later, AP’s Scott Bauer Still Contradicting Himself,
Misstating Wis. Collective-Bargaining Law

Former CNN Host Slams Tebow For Christian Beliefs

Writers Guild Loves Occupy Wall Street …
Until It Starts Interrupting TV Show Productions

New York Times Freelancer Implicated In Radiohead
Concert Hoax To Promote Occupy Wall Street

MSNBC Anchor Who Smeared ‘KKK’ Romney
Wonders If Obama Will Win in a ‘Landslide’

NY Times Goes To War Against All Jewish Settlers


Obama Officials Permit Trashing Of Parks By Occupiers

Mayor Gray: Feds Should Pay Occupy DC Costs

Occupiers Keep Holiday Food From Hungry Poor


Minn. High School Apologizes For ‘Incest’ Prank Involving
Blindfolded Kids Kissing Their Parents